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Star galaxies by the Russian jewelry brand KoJewelry

Veronika Kravchuk wearing jewelry KoJewelry. Earrings FANTASIA Ring SHEIKH Z. Made of silver 925, rhodium plated , stones Cubic Zirconia.


"Star Galaxy" - a new collection by KoJewelry ™ from designer Olga Königson subtly recalls that the heavenly star, like a woman's nature, is changeable and can take any shape. As evidence of this truth Olga demonstrates jewelry, woven from the stars, each of which has its own character, color and purpose: your star will now always be with you.

Star galaxies by the KoJewelry

The second subtext of the name "Star Galaxy" reminds us that every new collection is enthusiastically accepted by star fans of the brand: many famous actresses, singers and other eminent persons were seen in KoJewelry ™ products.

But do not forget about the timeless classics in the form of TASSEL brushes - they are chosen by such stylish girls as Alsou, Maria Kozhevnikova, Sasha Savelyeva, Natalia Medvedeva, etc. It should be noted that these ornaments are real hits. Probably, for many will be a great discovery that behind the brand of original jewelry KoJewelry is a talented beauty Olga Königson. She is the designer of incredible works, which competently combine silver and placer zircons.

Each piece of jewelry is the result of a hard and painstaking work, where the use of modern technologies allows her to achieve the most incredible results. The luxury, gloss and magic of such jewelry makes even professionals wonder about whether all the stones that Olga used are real diamonds. And only a special technique allows to correctly answer this question, revealing the real shine and the overflow of zircons. The main motive of the owner of the products of Olga Königson is the availability of such luxury.

Silver and zircons allow you to make the most exquisite jewelry at an affordable price that is beyond the power of tiny diamonds. For the third year Olga's work is valued both in Russia and abroad, and the release of the new collection is expected each time with anticipation of something new. By the way, Olga is not only a designer, but also a graduate. She has successfully completed her studies at MGIMO and a diploma in international economic relations.

Today Olga Königson is a young and talented designer, she studies at the GIA and embodies her ideas and acquired knowledge in new collections.

KoJewelry ™ Earrings from the collection "Star Galaxy"

KoJewelry ™ Slave bracelet from the collection "Star Galaxy" 


KoJewelry ™ Earrings from the collection "Star Galaxy"

KoJewelry ™ ring from the collection "Star Galaxy"


KoJewelry ™ Slave bracelet from the collection "Star Galaxy"

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