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Viktoriya Isakova about her love for Omega watches

​Viktoriya wearing Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M watch, vest and trousers Ralph Lauren, jacket Max Mara

Famous actress Viktoriya Isakova told about her love for Omega watches

We always associate ourselves with some things. In particular, girls have favorite things: clothes, bags, accessories. Now if I wanted to associate myself with a brand, then it would probably be Omega watches.

Viktoriya wearing Omega De Ville Trésor watch, Constellation OMEGA ring, jacket Ralph Lauren

Why them?

I will not be original: I really like to wear them, and just look at them. Well, then, a rare brand remains a neat complement to you, not screaming, I really like these stories, when beauty on the inside is far more important than beauty on the outside. In general, who does not like wearing an Omega watch? (Laughs.)

Viktoriya wearing Omega De Ville Tourbillon watch, Constellation ring, Flower earrings, jacket Ralph Lauren


Do you have a fashionable fetish?

It seems to me that the word "fashionable" in this case is superfluous. The fact is that I'm not one of those who, forgetting about everything in the world, chasing the "hot" must have of the season. My wardrobe can not be called trendy: there are clothes that I like and that suit me, I don't care if they stay trendy or not. But I still have a passion: I adore watches. I have a whole collection for all occasions, from a country brunch with friends to a social event with a black tie dress code. And all the models from Omega: they are invariably beautiful, reliable and, as they say, out of time, so I never change this brand.


Viktoriya цwearing Omega De Ville Ladymatic watch, Flower ring, Aqua Swing ring, Chanel belt, Chanel handbag 11.12

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