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Roman Sorbet — jewelry summer dessert by Bvlgari

Italian prove once again that Dolce Vita is in their blood.

Famous Italian Jewelry House Bvlgari created a collection that completely embodies a true Italian concept of dolce vita. This spring the iconic collection Bvlgari-Bvlgari was enriched with jewelry “Roman Sorbet”. It is not difficult to guess from the title, its creation was inspired by love for gelato and sorbet in particular and sweets in general. As a result, brilliant candy, brooches eskimo and horns with precious stones appeared. Rings, pendants, bracelets are made of white and pink gold. They are also embellished with sapphires, tsavorite garnets and amethysts in most juicy colors.

According to one version of the origin of sorbet, pontifex Maximus Nero had slaves-the runners, who were sent to the mountains to fulfil the whim of the Emperor. They were collecting there snow and hurried back to the Emperor so he could enjoy his favorite dessert — white flakes mixed with fruit or berry juice. Since then ice cream has become synonymous with Italy.

The modern descendants of ancient Romans are not going to give up their positions in the ice-cream and dessert market: street dessert in cone purchased in Milan, Naples and Turin has no equal. However, jewelry pieces by Bvlgari Roman Sorbet as pure as like real ones.



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