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Hypnotic seduction in the form of Bulgari Viper Rings

The Serpenti Viper is the amalgamation of enchanting beauty and unapologetic danger

Calling on a venomous sensuality, Bulgari strikes again with their latest in the dangerously alluring collection of Serpenti jewels. Evoking sacred notoriety as a symbol of immortality, strength and seduction, this year, the legendary mythical species of ancient Rome is reincarnated as the Serpenti Viper.

Hypnotic seduction in the form of Bulgari Viper Rings The stunning viper is rebirthed in provocative likeness to its snakeskin tessellations and compelling colour. Tightly coiling into exquisite band rings, the Serpenti Viper recalls the motions of the wild. Precious material masterfully set into a sinuous sequence of interlinked triangles which mirror the head its namesake serpent, the lithe interpretation curls around the finger with seeming movement.

Hypnotic seduction in the form of Bulgari Viper Rings Unrivalled artisanal Italian craftsmanship has been paramount since the birth of the pioneering Serpenti jewel in the 1940s—the snake watch that keeps time in its jaws. A yearly renewal of its serpentine skin has seen the Serpenti collection flourish ever since. Bulgari designs ensnare the beauty of nature and are skilfully sculpted to convey the the energy and iridescence of the natural world. Every Serpenti creation bears the hallmarks of the brand—flexible wearability, the juxtaposition of materials, avant-garde technique, and the hypnotic brilliance of colour.

Hypnotic seduction in the form of Bulgari Viper Rings Its geometrical infinity encircles the finger with the smooth tactility of snakeskin whether diamond encrusted or when set with black mop. The brilliant yet sophisticated rendering makes the Serpenti Viper band rings perfect for every occasion. 



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