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Oligarch Alexey Shapovalov gave his wife Ksenia Tsaritsina a 70 carat diamond ring

Last year, the world's tabloids reported news - Mariah Carey's lover gave her a 35 carat engagement ring. Actress Jennifer Aniston got a 10-carat engagement ring, Kim Kardashian - a 19 carat diamond. In May of this year, Sotheby's auctioned a ring with a diamond weighing 26.27 carats, which was sold for 350 thousand pounds sterling (about 26 million rubles). But the businessman from Samara Alexei Shapovalov has topped them all. In April, he presented to his young wife Ksenia Tsaritsina a ring weighing 70 carats. On her social networking page she showed off a photo with the caption: "My husband was never stingy with gifts. He thought that 30 carats were too small for me. "

The Samara oligarch Alexey Shapovalov is a generous man. Businessman spent thousands of dollars on gifts for his beautiful wife, Ksenia Tsaritsina, especially when it comes to what the girl can not resist - jewelry. So, on the fifth anniversary of the wedding, Alexey gave his sexy lover a 70 carat diamond ring. The cost of the presentation is almost ten million dollars. Xenia boasted of the ring on Instagram, where her carefree life in Dubai is watched by more than two hundred thousand people.

Ring with a 70 carat diamond presented to Ksenia by her husband Alexey Shapovalov 

A diamond ring is not the only manifestation of the generosity of a businessman. Alexei is ready to give his wife everything: Ksenia drives Bentley, wears clothes from the best designers and does not deny herself anything at all. And the hardest thing in her life - just a 70 carat diamond ring.


Spouses spend a lot of time together and share family photos. 

Ksenia Tsaritsina

Ksenia Tsaritsina 

- According to the most conservative estimates, this ring costs about $8 million, - estimated the jeweler Anatoliy Cherepanov. - To say more precisely, you need to look at the certificate, but for this small video, that the quality of the faceting, the angle of slope of the faces, polishing and symmetry at the highest level.

Ksenia Tsaritsina lives in the UAE 

The businessman met brunette Ksenia Tsaritsina at the end of 2011 in Moscow. Then Shapovalov was in the "Top 100 richest people in Russia", was divorced, led the development company "Samara Business World", owned several shopping centers and office premises in Samara. In 2012, due to conflicts with local officials, he left for permanent residence in the Ulyanovsk region. He noticed his future wife at a social event in Moscow. Ksenia at that time came from Omsk, worked as a model and often visited the capital's parties. A month after the acquaintance Shapovalov suggested moving in together. The couple lived in Ulyanovsk, then in Samara, where they had country houses. And in late 2012, again because of a misunderstanding with the authorities moved to the Emirates, where Shapovalov had construction business.

A girl likes to be photographed with expensive gifts

Abroad, Xenia gave birth to two children: her son is 4 years old, her daughter is only one year old. The page on Instagram, which attracted more than 230 thousand people, is full of luxurious photos on the background of expensive yachts, cars and chic interiors. In Dubai she has a personal Bentley, a house and a bunch of servants. Together with her husband she often goes on racing competitions, communicate with Russian pop stars and actors.

- Ksyusha now has that life she dreamt about since Omk, - her friend from Siberia, with whom they once started to work in a modeling agency, tells. - Of course, she has many envious people, but she wanted to live this way and achieved this, which she demonstrates in social networks.




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