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Artem Dzyuba will become a father of many children


The other day Artem Dzyuba, together with his Zenit team, became the national champion in football for the third time in a row. Soon he will have to meet an equally important event.

The family of the captain of the Russian national team is expected to be replenished. Rumors that Artem and his wife Christina will have a third child appeared on the Web a couple of weeks ago. Everything was confirmed at the Zenit awards ceremony last Sunday: in addition to the players, their wives and children appeared on the field. Christina's beaby bump was hard to miss.

While the third baby is just "on the way", Artem pleases the older children. After the decisive match for the championship, the leader of the St. Petersburg team put on a Deadpool suit. The athlete's son Maxim really likes this character. Artem noted that the third consecutive victory in the tournament gives the right to misbehave a little, so he dared to "dress up" in a red and black superhero suit. By the way, such a trick of Dzyuba was appreciated even by Ryan Reynolds, who liked the champion video of Zenit on Instagram.

After the World Cup, Artem Dzyuba became the most popular media person in the world of Russian football and experienced the anger and mercy of the fans. The footballer tries not to react to the attacks of haters, and he gratefully accepts the wishes of health for the future baby.




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