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Artem Dzyuba's wife Kristina: what is known about her and how she looks


The beloved woman of Artem Dzyuba is called one of the most mysterious wives of football players, because the Zenit striker very rarely appears with her, and Kristina herself does not even have social media.

Everyone knows that Artem Dzyuba has been married for a long time and firmly, but his wife is the most non-public person. It is not known whether this is the desire of the athlete or whether the young woman herself chooses to keep her life private, but here is the fact: in addition to the fact that Dziuba's wife is called Kristina, and that she gave birth to two sons, nothing is known about her.

However, here are the bits of information that appear in the media from time to time. Kristina Dziuba, nee Orlova (but even that is not certain). She was born in Nizhny Novgorod, entered the university, but in her senior years, already in the status of Artem's bride, she moved to Moscow - then Artem Dzyuba was still playing for Spartak.

This is one of the few events when Artem came out with his wife. Photo: "Express newspaper"

By the way, Kristina met her future husband in the Moscow region - they met in 2012 in the same company. They say that Artem's friend, also a football player, invited her there. But already a few days after the holiday, Artem and Kristina were a couple.

“I won her in three or four days,” Artem said in various interviews. - Kristina did not know that I was a football player. When she came to her home and showed her parents my photo, her father, a football fan, asked: "Do you know who this is ?!" Kristina was surprised. She thought all footballers were arrogant and a little dumb. I had to dissuade her from this.

Kristina and her sons try not to miss important matches of Dzyuba.


When they tied the knot (whether they tied the knot or not, the general public is also unknown). Already in 2013, the couple had their first son, Nikita, and in 2015, Kristina showed for the first time how wise she is. Then, on the eve of the qualifying match for the 2016 World Cup, Artem was caught in the car, hugging TV presenter Maria Orzul. The scandal came out noble, but Kristina found the strength to forgive her husband.

“It was a great lesson for me,” Artem Dzyuba later admitted in an interview with the Championship. - Perhaps it's even good that it happened. I looked at everything differently. Values ​​revised. I realized that I could lose, that I shouldn't even think about it. I was very ashamed in front of my wife. And don't give a damn about everything else. The whole world is not that important. The main thing is for this person to hear me. And she heard me. We managed to save everything.

Kristina Dzyuba herself does not have a Social media, but sometimes she is senn in her friends' Instagram photos. For example, the wife of Alexander Kokorin. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

In 2016, when Artem was already playing for Zenit, Kristina gave birth to her second son Maxim. But she still remained in the shadows - no publicity.

At one time, however, her pictures often appeared on the Instagram of Daria Valitova, the common-law wife of Alexander Kokorin. But after the well-known story with a chair in a Moscow coffee shop, the girls either stopped communicating, or hid their friendship from users of social networks.

Glory, which was not expected, came to Kristina after the 2018 World Cup, which was held in Russia. Against the background of the crazy popularity of the Russian national team in general, and Artem in particular, everyone wondered who his wife was. After the World Cup, thousands of women fell in love with Artem Dzyuba, with his spontaneity he still wins the hearts of girls.

Photo: Viktor HUSEYNOV

Many then saw for the first time a graceful brunette accompanying her husband at a reception in the Kremlin. Fake pages of false Kristina began to appear on the Internet. Artem Dzyuba himself had to intervene and warn followers that his wife does not have social media.

What else is known about the wife of Artem Dzyuba?

Kristina loves to go to the theater with Artem - they are familiar with many St. Petersburg actors. She often cheers for her husband at the stadium: one of the rare family photographs Artem himself posted after celebrating the championship last year.

They say that she herself takes care of the house and children - the eldest son went to first grade this year. And still remains in the shadow of her famous husband. The public is unlikely to wait for comments about the current scandal. Artem and Kristina do not hide tender feelings.


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