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"This kiss lasted three seconds ... It just happened": Maria Orzul for the first time commented on rumors about a relationship with Artem Dzyuba


According to the TV presenter, their past with the Zenit striker has nothing to do with the publication of a scandalous video in the present

TV presenter Maria Orzul for the first time spoke about her experiences after rumors that she was secretly dating with the striker and captain of the Russian national football team Artem Dzyuba. According to the Match TV star, her “get-togethers” with the Zenit striker in the car were an easy affair, and this has nothing to do with the scandalous publication of the striker's video.

- There were also headlines in these media in the spirit of "Married Maria Orzul blah blah blah." But at that time my husband and I did not live together for a year and a half. They called me Dzyuba's mistress, but I was not any mistress. Because of this three-second kiss, which ... Well, it just happened. But then I was under a dropper, brought myself to such an extent, - Orzul told journalist Maria Komandnaya. Orzul believes that her presence on TV in Dzyuba's scandalous video is an absolute coincidence and has nothing to do with her. Photo: still from the video

The TV show "Live" on "Russia-1" with Andrey Malakhov devoted a separate issue to figure out to whom Dzyuba dedicated his video. Orzul contacted the program and denied any accusations.

- The situation is made of cardboard., it's just my broadcast in the background (netizens heard a broadcast on Match TV with Maria's participation against the background of a scandalous recording - Ed.). I have nothing to do with this, - said the TV presenter sternly.

Then the journalists of "Live" took into development a different version - that the video could really be dedicated to Natalia Veretennikova, an odious blogger who sells her candid pictures for money to followers. The model had previously jokingly admitted that it was she who had shamed Dzyuba, but later backed down. She is also defended by friends who complain that Natalya just decided to become famous on a hot topic.

Blogger Natalya Veretennikova has already denied that she masturbated with Dzyuba via video link. 

Meanwhile, it turned out that Veretennikova was from the village of Leninskoye, the Jewish Autonomous Region. Teachers do not speak very well of her and already in childhood noticed her brawling nature.

- The girl participated in all kinds of quarrels, she could tell something bad about someone, she loved to take a walk. The main mark is three, - says Natalya's class teacher Nadezhda Akentieva.

Veretennikova was brought up by adoptive parents, and at the age of 16 she became pregnant. Her ex-mother-in-law Lyudmila Molchanova says that Natasha wanted to start a family with her son, but then she left everyone. It turned out that Natalia left her son. He does not even consider her his mother and wants to change his last name at the age of 14. Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network - I accepted her as my daughter. After 3-4 months they began to live independently. 

- Natasha is pregnant. The grandson Yegor was born, from the hospital we took the girl to our home, she lived with us for three months, and then she wanted to live on her own, - recalls the former mother-in-law. According to Lyudmila Molchanova, now Natalya very rarely communicates with her son, and he no longer calls her his mother and loves her grandmother most of all. - I saw publications how she sits in her underwear all the time. A smart person would never post such personal photos. We deleted her from the family. The boys in the yard are already talking about the incident with Dzyuba.

At the age of 14, I want to change my last name, I did not get any love from her, - confesses 11-year-old son of Natalia.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the scandal with Dzyuba, information appeared that Zenit is going to say goodbye to him. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" asked a football analyst if such a scenario was possible. The striker himself should now start training for the St. Petersburg club. We will remind, a couple of days ago there was information that the blackmailer demanded from Artyom $ 5 million in order to keep the secret of the football player.


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