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“Timati hasn’t given money for a long time”: the work of Alena Shishkova is being discussed on the Web


The rapper's ex-lover has again become the object of gossip.

30-year-old Alena Shishkova is the former lover of rapper Timati. The model was in a relationship with the singer for about three years and gave birth to his daughter Alice, but after the girl was born, the star couple broke up.

According to rumors, the reason for the breakup was the artist's affair with another beauty - Anastasia Reshetova, but, despite the dubious gap, the performer managed to maintain a good relationship with the ex-fiancee and now they are raising a child together.

Alice spends a lot of time with her dad and grandmother, flies with them to relax, but lives with her mother. But what Shishkova does after breaking up with Timati remains a mystery. The blonde assures that she does not exist at the expense of alimony from the rapper and provides for herself. Two years ago, she bought an apartment in Moscow with a mortgage and is now finishing repairs there, but the girl's subscribers still continue to gossip about her occupation.

Once again, this question surfaced due to Shishkova's statement.  Timati's ex-loversaid that summer is the quietest time for her, because she finally has the opportunity to go on a long vacation for almost three months. Internet users are even more interested in where the model works, since she has such a free schedule.


“She works as the mother of Timati’s daughter”, “Well, she’s like a model”, “Does she have a beauty salon, like?”, “Simona’s beloved daughter-in-law”, “It is clear that Timati has not given money for 100 years, at most, she helps children”, say commentators on the web.