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10 facts you might not know about Russia's main striker Artem Dzyuba


We are talking about striker Artem Dzyuba who woke up the country on the eve of the World Cup.

1. Considers the Premier League the best league in the world, but is a fan of Real

The Premier League is the only championship in which Dzyuba would like to leave Russia. But this does not prevent him from rooting for Real Madrid and supporting Ronaldo from childhood. “My dream is to play in England, but at worst I will go to Madrid. In Spain they play so slowly that you will have time to pick your nose, ”the footballer thought when he moved to Zenit.

2. Loves the movie "Braveheart". And "Harry Potter"

Mel Gibson's film, filmed back in 1995, Artem called his favorite. Gibson himself played in it the role of the legendary Scotsman Wallace, who organized a crusade against the British in the 13th century. By the way, about the movie - recently Dzyuba advised followers to watch the latest "Avengers". He also quoted Albus Dumbledore in an interview about the 2018 World Cup . 

3. Took the girlfriend away from his best friend

Dzyuba met his future wife at a Moscow party in a cottage, celebrating the New Year. Christina really liked his friend, football player Ivan Komissarov, but Artem was much quicker in those days. “She was surprised to find out who I am. I thought that all the players were stupid and arrogant. I had to dispel the myth, ”recalls Artem. Soon the couple tied the knot and, despite some difficulties, are still together - they are raising two children!

4. Not like Kerzhakov

“I didn’t“ hit, hit and will hit ”, - at the beginning of his career, the forward said that his football mentality is very far from the precepts of Alexander Kerzhakov. “In principle, I try to find a moment and improve the situation,” - said Artem about his philosophy. The footballer is still true to himself, but this does not prevent him from regularly scoring at the World Cup. As part of the national team, he dreams of breaking Kerzhakov's record.

5. Puts on weight easily

“This is my eternal problem. Many people eat all the time - and nothing. Makeev is generally phenomenal! She loses 3-4 kilograms per night, she can eat as much as she wants - even if only henna. Jeannot is the same. I don’t know how they burn these kilograms ”. Due to the peculiarities of the body, Artem has to severely limit himself at the training camps. Sometimes at the training camp he only gets along with kefir and fruit. Otherwise, there is an advantage. "The feeling that we are your enemies." Dzyuba made a powerful manifesto

6. Does not change jerseys after the match

Once Artem admitted that asking for a T-shirt is not his story at all. “In my opinion, running around and asking for a jersey after the match is comical,” says Dzyuba. But he still snatched a few T-shirts. One, for example, belonged to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although he did not ask for it either - he just turned to the former Spartak partner Kim Chellström.

7. Reads difficult literature

Artem is one of the few football players who takes a pack of books to the training camp. No, he doesn't read science fiction for geeks, like Belyaev, but historical novels by authors like Jack London or Yuri Nikitin are already on the reading list. The forward is especially proud of the fact that he mastered de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom: “It was important, because everyone in Tomsk, including Fedya Kudryashov, said:“ I didn’t master it, I left it at 15-30 pages ”. And, playing in "Spartak", Dzyuba seriously read literature about the history of the club. Dzyuba is the best at this World Cup in three indicators at once. Are you surprised?

8. I am sure that the best athlete on the planet is not a footballer

Dzyuba enjoys many sports. Only chess can not stand, considering this occupation hellishly boring. Artem is especially good at tennis - once he even managed to take a prize in an amateur tournament. Dzyuba's favorite athlete is just a tennis player - Roger Federer. “When he plays, I freak out and sweat, as if I'm playing myself,” the forward shares.

9. Grew up in an ordinary family, and his father was a fan of Dynamo Kiev

Dzyuba's father worked in the police, his mother in a grocery store. Moreover, both of them are not from Moscow: mom is from Chuvashia, and dad is generally from Ukraine. This explains his former sympathy for the Kiev club. The footballer recalls that his father did not like working in the police: it was pure production of money in order to feed his family. Therefore, as soon as his career took off, Artem insisted that his parents quit.

10. Once interviewed teammates

Guess who got the idea to try Artem as an interviewer? We were not mistaken with the idea, and he showed himself as cool as possible. And of course, in his questions he mocked half of Spartak's squad. Yakovlev was accused of being a vampire, hinting at the color of his skin, and he pressed Makeyev on the topic of frequent photos in a red and white uniform, with which he allegedly clings to girls.



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