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Artem Dzyuba posted an appeal after the scandal with a provocative video


The captain of the Russian national football team and the Zenit football club appealed to fans.

Recently, a provocative video began to be distributed on social networks, the main characters and the author of which was football player Artem Dzyuba. This caused a wide response, but did not prevent the athlete from taking part in yesterday's Zenit - Krasnodar match, scoring a goal and receiving the "Player of the Match" statuette. After the meeting, Dziuba finally broke the silence and recorded an appeal regarding the very video.

Artem Dzyuba

The most difficult match in my career. How, probably, I have been to hell a little, I could not even hold back my emotions in the car on the way back ... I would like to say that I am not perfect, like any person, I make mistakes. And we are all sinners, unfortunately. I can only blame myself, - said Dzyuba, thanking everyone who supports him in difficult times: But at such moments, when almost everyone turns away from you, I am insanely grateful to those people who are with me and who supported me in such a difficult moment - relatives, family, friends, team. Many celebs... I am very grateful to you, I will never forget this. This is my path, probably not easy ... I hope I can live my life with dignity, I will be a good person in any case. No matter how I once stumbled and was mistaken ... I thank fate for the lessons, very painful and cruel for me. But somewhere I am to blame myself ... I will try not to break down, but today it was very difficult. Thank you very much.

Artem Dzyuba and Stanislav Cherchesov

It is worth noting that yesterday in the Zenit match Dzyuba played without a captain's armband. The head coach Stanislav Cherchesov refused to call Artem to the training camp of the national team. But, according to the "Championship", Cherchesov personally called Dzyuba with words of support. The athlete was also supported by many celebrities: Loboda, Valeria, Aiza Dolmatova and others. 


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