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The whims of a billionaire: Victoria Bonya's ex-husband Alex Smurfit put their 8-year-old daughter on a strict diet


Victoria announced a breakup with Alex Smurfit in February 2017. Photo: Instagram.

Victoria Bonya recently moved from London, where she hoped to settle, to Monaco, where her ex-husband Alex Smurfit lives. Together with her daughter Angelina, she settled in Alex's house in Monte Carlo. On self-isolation, ex-spouses again live under one roof. Victoria is forced to adapt to the lifestyle of Alex, with whom she does not always agree. For example, they disagreed about the diet of their 8-year-old daughter, Angelina. Alex put his daughter on a strict diet that Bonya does not like.

When parting, the ex-spouses discussed different moments of their daughter's upbringing and agreed not to argue about them with each other.

- We immediately decided that if one considers something unacceptable for a child, then the second should adhere to the same position. And in no case secretly indulge, - Bonya admits.

But in terms of nutrition, the ex-spouses, as they say, found a scythe on a stone. It turns out that Alex adheres to the now fashionable gluten-free diet, and he decided to put his daughter on it. Smurfit insists that his daughter should not eat gluten-containing foods. This is all cereals, flour (and, accordingly, bread, and all pastries), some dairy and meat products, as well as sweets. So Angelina’s childhood passes without cookies and sweets - at least with dad. Typically, such a diet is prescribed for people with gluten intolerance, but many now adhere to such a diet because of its hype

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Victoria, on the other hand, believes parents should not deprive a child of sweets. And when Angelina is with her, she eats whatever she wants. “There is no disagreement on this score, but I don’t want to torment the child with such a menu,” the TV presenter explained in an interview with Antenna. But now, when Victoria and Angelina share the same house with Smurfit, they inevitably have to adapt to his quirks.

With her common-law husband Alex Smurfit, the heir to the Irish “king of packaging,” Victoria lived for about seven years. Moreover, when Bonya started an affair with Smurfit, he had practically no money.

At the beginning of their life together, Vika had to pay for many expenses herself. For example, she herself paid for her childbirth - she and Alex paid 50 to 50 for Victoria’s stay in the hospital. - At the beginning of our relationship, I earned much more than him, so we, as a young family, shared 50/50. We lived, rented an apartment, gave birth - all in half - said the TV presenter in an interview.

Only after some time, Smurfit got to his feet and began to provide for his family. Bonya denies that she became pregnant specifically so that Alex began to live with her “on the fly” - according to the TV presenter, their daughter Angelina was a planned and desired child.

Victoria categorically denied the rumors that the rich family of Alex did not love her, and that it was because of this that Smurfit never married her. The reason that he and Alex broke up Bonya calls his immaturity and unpreparedness for family life. According to Victoria, she always dreamed of having a big strong family, and Alex was not inclined to this.


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