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Separator of Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit: Catherine Aleshkina, who stole the millionaire from the family


Last weekend, the CIS was shaken by the news: Victoria Bonya parted ways with Alex Smurfit . They have been together since 2010 and are raising their daughter Angelina. But their relationship suddenly ended, and everyone is wondering what caused it. They say on the Web that the Irish millionaire was taken from Monaco by the model Ekaterina Aleshkina, who is very similar in type to Victoria Bonya . 

Now 37-year-old Victoria Bonya has no choice but to devote time to herself. She continues to improve her appearance. Nevertheless, versions appeared on the account of why Victoria Bonya spoke about parting with Alex Smerfit right now.

Although Victoria Bonya has long assured the public that everything is perfect in their relationship with Alex Smurfit, denying the parting , it was not possible to hide the truth. Last weekend, photos from the Parisian club Vip Room appeared on the Web, in which the millionaire is kissing another girl, after which Bonya immediately made an official announcement about the break with her civil husband. Alex's new girlfriend


Victoria Bonya thanked her fans for their support in this difficult situation. The media determined that Alex Smerfit is now dating a Russian model from Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterina Aleshkina. True, the millionaire's friends are sure that this is not for long.


ekaterina aleshkina and alex smerfit

Catherine is just another hobby of Alex, and not the love of his life. He is now on the rights of a free person - he can do whatever he wants. Ekaterina Aleshkina is a model and is already walking the world catwalks. However, her reputation is also slightly tarnished: there is a version that she is a hunter of wealthy men.


ekaterina aleshkina

Also, many fans of Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit are sure that Ekaterina Aleshkina is insanely similar to Bonya in type and now Smurfit has found consolation in her after parting with the star of "House-2".


For some reason, it seems to us that we will still hear about the "achievements" of this beauty. 

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