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They broke up because of a mug of coffee: Victoria Bonya first told why she left the heir to billionaire Alex Smurfit


The model revealed the details of their marriage contract. Bonya and Smerfit broke up in 2017. TV presenter Victoria Bonya and the heir of the Irish billionaire Alex Smurfit lived in a civil marriage for seven years, their daughter Angelina was born. According to Vika, they were seriously preparing for the wedding and had even already signed a marriage contract. But in 2017, the couple broke up. In the Youtube show "Alena, damn it!" Bonya first revealed the reason for their breakup, and told what she would have received under the contract if she had nevertheless walked down the aisle with Smurfit.

- It was written in the contract that if I cheated on him, then it’s already clear that it'd be over. And that he will support me after parting ways if I do not meet another man. This is normal, they have such a position: there is another man, so he will probably take care of it. There were no conditions on my part. Initially, I did not have any goal - to sue something, to take it away. Although, having lived with him for six years, according to European rules, I could file a lawsuit already as a wife, I had full rights, like an official wife, ”- said Bonya.

Victoria assures that she got along with Alex solely for love - because if she was driven by selfish interests, she would still be suing him for real estate and alimony. Moreover, when Bonya started an affair with Smurfit, he had practically no money. Although Alex's father owns the world's largest carton company, the young heir had to make his own way. Bonya and Smurfit met in 2010 in Moscow - Alex then tried to open a chain of confectionery shops in the capital. On March 17, 2012, the couple had a daughter, Angelina. When it became known about Victoria's pregnancy, Alex took the chosen one to Monaco, where his family lives. But even after that, Vika had to pay for many expenses herself.

- I flew back and forth. I was, let's say, at the peak of my career: series, filming, transmission. And once - I meet him. I understand that I am ready to go, leave all this, move there. But it was a European format of relations, not like “you move, I’ll buy everything for you, I’ll do everything”, I also continued to work, says Victoria.


Victoria and Alex met in Moscow in 2010. Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Despite the fact that they lived together, Bonya lacked the usual warmth in their relationship. And because of her work, common-law spouses began to move further away. Problems accumulated like a snowball - and at one point their relationship ended literally because of a trifle.

- At some point, I realized that he was like a brother, like a neighbor - close people, but there was not enough care. After all, you don’t have to do anything, just call, ask: “How did you fly?”, But there was no such thing. Then he didn’t like that I worked a lot, but I couldn’t just pick up and stop. That's how little by little we began to move away from each other. We did not swear, no one cheated on anyone, there was no dirt. Why did we break up? Because of the coffee. I saw my daughter off to school, I had to run out of the house already, I forgot a coffee mug on the table. He called me and said: "You did not remove the mug." Well, what the hell is a mug? I was offended that he did not see that I was working, plowing, doing everything, but he sees the mug! So we broke up - on the phone, - Bonya admitted.

Nevertheless, for the sake of their daughter, the couple maintained a warm relationship. In the spring, when the coronavirus pandemic began, the model returned to Monaco with her daughter Angelina and settled in Smurfit's house for two months. The ex-spouses spent a period of self-isolation together. And in the summer, Bonya rented a luxurious apartment in Monte Carlo overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where she moved with her daughter. The model decided to return to the Côte d'Azur also because Alex had been battling Lyme disease for the past two years. She wanted her daughter to be with her father at this difficult moment. Vika assures that there is no talk of any reunion with Alex, although she says that she will always love her ex-husband.


Having moved to her chosen one in Europe, Victoria continued to work hard and shine on the red carpet. Photo: REUTERS

- After we broke up, for two years I wondered: “Did I do the right thing by making such a decision?” At a distance, I realized that I really love Alex as a person, and that we are very different people. For me, he is the father of my daughter, part of my family. And they also accept me as their family, says the model. - In quarantine, we did not grieve, went in for sports, breathing exercises. I can now hold my breath for 2.5 minutes while exhaling! And he, too, flourished, came to life, despite his incurable disease - Lyme disease. We spent a great month, stayed with Angelishka, talked a lot and studied with her.

On November 27, the model celebrates her birthday - she turned 41 years old. The day before, Bonya flew from France to warmer climes to arrange a holiday on the beach on the shores of the warm sea. Victoria keeps a secret where exactly she went.

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