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"I live alone with cats." Why Marat Safin, who had affairs with Dasha Zhukova and Aida Garifullina, remains a bachelor


In the 2000s, Marat Safin was alled a sex symbol and a heartthrob. The "cycle of women" continued until 2016: after parting with singer Aida Garifullina, rumors about the athlete's stormy personal life died down. True, last month in stellar circles whispered about a possible tennis player's romance with Victoria Bonya ... At the time of the end of his professional career, Marat Safin's fortune was estimated at $ 14 million, he owned a penthouse on Patriarch's Ponds and a villa in Monte Carlo. Add to this an athletic physique, a great sense of humor and an impressive list of achievements in tennis - and the image of an enviable groom develops.

On January 27, Marat turned 41, and he still has never crossed the threshold of the registry office. Why does the winner of two Grand Slam tournaments remain in singles even in private life? And who unsuccessfully tried to ring the eminent athlete? 


Marat's first coach was mother Rauza Islanova, who was one of the ten best tennis players in the Soviet Union. At 10, the boy went to enter the Nick Bolletieri sports academy in Florida, but the attempt failed, but at 14 he was admitted to a sports school in Valencia. “All my childhood I dreamed of being a Spartak footballer. But since my mother worked as a coach, I had no chance of becoming a football player, ”Marat admitted in Alexei Yagudin’s program“ The Ice is Melting ”.

Interestingly, Dinara Safina soon became interested in tennis, and as a result, the brother and sister both became the first rackets in the world. Of course, this did not happen right away: in 1997 Marat won the Challenger series tournament, then made an unsuccessful debut in the Kremlin Cup, losing to the Danish Kenneth Carlsen. 1998 turned out to be much more successful, as a result of which Safin received the "Discovery of the Year" award.


Brother and sister became the first rackets in the world 

In 1999, he was already included in the list of the 25 best tennis players in the world, and in 2000, although he began the year with a series of losses, in the second half of the season he took the lead, beating the famous Pete Sampras and receiving the title in the Grand Slam tournament. At just 20, Marat showed the best performance among his colleagues and became the first racket in the world.

“When you achieve such success at the age of 20, it is very difficult to cope with the happiness that has fallen on you. Do you not fully understand where to go next? After all, it seems that he has already received everything that he was striving for. So at some point I didn't quite understand why I should continue to play tennis. I was the first, I won Grand Slam tournaments. And that seemed to be enough, "Safin reasoned years later.

The tennis player was prevented from playing by endless injuries: the 2001 season was blurred due to back pain, in 2003 the athlete suffered from a wrist injury. But in 2004, he returned to court and took fourth place in the list of the Top 50 of the world rankings. In 2005, in Australia, Safin not only won his second Grand Slam title, but also entered a tense battle with almost invulnerable opponent Roger Federer, which fans still remember with admiration.


Safin - winner of two Grand Slam singles tournaments and two-time Davis Cup winner 

To tennis fans, Safin was also remembered for hyperemotional, sometimes even defiant, antics on the court. In a fit of rage, an athlete could break several rackets in one game, did not go into his pocket for a word, commenting on the results of matches, and once, in a series against Felix Mantilla in 2004, he lowered his shorts during the decisive game, turning his back to the audience: this is how he celebrated hard the victory that has been won. The audience laughed, but the judge fined the rebel.

In 2005, Marat seriously injured his knee, and later also received a neck injury, but continued to participate in major competitions with varying success. Marat's last match took place in Paris at the Masters tournament, in which he won three times, but this time he quickly left the game. As the athlete admitted years later, back in 2006 he understood that he would soon end his career, but he could not put an end to it. On November 11, 2009 Marat completed his professional tennis career


On November 11, 2009 Marat completed his professional tennis career

“I just tortured. I was hanging out in the rating not where I wanted to. It was useless. Already no buzz brought, - noted Safin. - Fatigue, of course, accumulates, but you can fight it, but not with injuries. My knee flew, and I could no longer run. The operation is too big a risk. And I didn't want to walk with a wand until the end of my days. Career is part of life, but not all of life. " 

After graduating from his career, Marat played in veteran matches and was engaged in public activities, and in 2011 he became a State Duma deputy. He eventually gave up the mandate six years later, as he decided to focus on work in international sports organizations. Or in your personal life?

"Brides" of the enviable groom


The athlete's first girlfriend was Silvia Torres-Valero

The athlete's first girlfriend was Silvia Torres-Valero As soon as Safin was on the lists of promising tennis players, all the cream of show business drew attention to him. So, the star of "Beverly Hills, 90210" Tiffani Thiessen said at one party that she would certainly drag a sexy Russian athlete into bed, and Madonna, according to rumors, would not even mind giving birth to an heir from him.

However, Marat was looking for companions not among Hollywood divas. While studying in Valencia, he met tennis player Cristina Torres-Valero, and she, in turn, introduced her sister Sylvia to her colleague. With this Spanish top model, Safin traveled around Monte Carlo and New York, so that those around him almost did not doubt the seriousness of the athlete's intentions. 

However, the relationship did not lead to marriage, and soon the man was noticed in the company of the model Maria Krivtsova. Then Tatyana Korsakova got into the list of passions, but Safin did not confirm the affair with her. But Marat introduced the designer Daria Zhukova to the public officially - at the stadium in Melbourne, when he won the Grand Slam tournament. “And here is my girlfriend, Dasha,” he pointed to the stands. "She is also involved in this victory, I am very grateful to her." The media called Daria Zhukova Safin's bride


The media called Daria Zhukova Safin's bride

Such frankness from Safin could not have been expected before, so the media instantly christened Zhukova his bride. But in vain: less than a year later, the lovers parted, and Dasha eventually became the wife of Roman Abramovich. Well, Marat switched to the soloist of the Other Rules group Alena Selezneva. They say that their relationship did not last long, but was reflected in the song of the Wimbledon collective. 

The appearance of the athlete in the company of Elena Korikova became a real sensation: either they came to a social event together, then they met behind the scenes of the show "Circus with the Stars". On the hand of the actress, they already noticed a ring that looked like an engagement ring, when suddenly the news of the separation of the couple thundered - allegedly because of Safin's excessive jealousy.

Model Anna Druzyaka, singer Nastya Osipova, Valeria Yakubovskaya - they all hit the list of heartthrob's beloved. With Yakubovskaya, the story was especially confusing: it was rumored that she gave birth to a child from Safin. However, Marat always claimed that he had no children. Aida Garifullina had the most chances to become the wife of an athlete.


Aida Garifullina had the most chances to become the wife of an athlete.

Perhaps the most likely to become the wife of an inveterate bachelor was the opera singer Aida Garifullina. In 2016, information about their romance was leaked to the Network, but it was not the publicity that eventually caused the break, but the busy schedules: Aida lived in Vienna and at the same time constantly toured, and Marat spent a lot of time in Moscow and at international tournaments.

“We are really not together anymore,” the singer shared with StarHit. - Relationship with Marat, these days spent together, I will never forget. He is a great romantic, a real ideal man. He courted very exquisitely, arranged unique dates by candlelight, with flowers. We remained good friends - such a person I cannot afford to lose. Of course, I introduced my beloved to my mother, she warmly received him, Marat made a wonderful impression on Lyaila Ildarovna. " 

Apparently, in recent years, the tennis player has become even more secretive: no specific names of his lovers have surfaced. In recent interviews, the athlete emphasized that he has neither a wife nor a girlfriend, but only a desire to live for himself, travel and not be attached to anyone.


Fans are wondering what kind of relationship Safin has with Victoria Bonya Fans are wondering what kind of relationship Safin has with Victoria Bonya

“I live alone with cats. The more I get to know people, the more I love animals. Nobody is trying to get me, seriously, ”he assured in a live broadcast with Tina Kandelaki last spring. - Over the years, you begin to appreciate the silence and loneliness - not in a sad way, but simply loneliness and peace. And I would like to find a woman partner who shares the same understanding of life. It would be interesting, such a coincidence of worldviews. A sense of humor and the desire to develop in a person should also be present. And intelligence. "

For the first time in a long time in stellar circles, they again started talking about Marat's personal life in December, after Victoria Boni's birthday: the tennis player presented the birthday girl with a luxurious bouquet of roses. In addition, at the end of last year, joint photos with Safin appeared suspiciously often on Victoria's microblog. Whether they are connected by friendship or romantic relationship remains a mystery. By the way, the athlete came to the celebration not with Bonya, but with the former chosen one of Boris Nemtsov, Ekaterina Odintsova, immediately assuring the journalists that they were only friends. 

Probably, the answer to the question why Marat Safin remains a bachelor lies on the surface and lies in the lifestyle that was dictated to him by his sports career.

“Tennis is individual in every sense. Each has its own team, interests, - Marat explained a couple of years ago. - I communicate with the Spanish guys with whom I grew up. There are also coaches Rublev and Khachanov. We do not overlap with the rest. Different interests, different lives. I have very few friends. I just know a lot of people. "


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