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Victoria Bonya told why billionaire Alex Smurfit was embarrassed to go out to restaurants with her


The model shared a recollection of a childhood habit that affected her future.

The TV star of "Dom-2" Victoria Bonya and the heir to the Irish billionaire Alex Smurfit broke up after seven years of de facto marriage almost three years ago. The Russian model gave birth to her beloved daughter Angelina-Letizia. However, the couple broke up for no apparent external reason. Bonya did not want to bring up the reasons for the break with Smurfit for discussion. The star only admitted that she and Alex had different views on having many children. Say, she wanted to give birth to a couple more children, but her named husband was categorically against. This became an irreconcilable disagreement, because of which the couple parted ways - Victoria flew with her daughter to London, and Alex stayed in Monaco.


Bonya with her daughter Angelina-Letizia

Over the past years, Victoria has been sharing the details of life with a foreign billionaire drop by drop. It turned out that Smurfit was rather embarrassed by some of Bonya's habits, acquired by her in a by no means aristocratic childhood in her homeland. The 40-year-old insta-diva admitted that Alex was ashamed to go to restaurants with an open veranda because of her love of birds.

“I remember how he said - I am ashamed to sit in a restaurant with you when you feed the birds. I say, “Why should you be ashamed? Interesting! The birds want to eat too. And imagine if you were a hungry bird, flew to whose table, and there would be some people sitting there and no one would feed you "- Victoria shared her memory on her Instagram account (the author's spelling and punctuation were left unchanged - Ed. .).


Victoria Bonya loves to feed the animals near the cafe

She remembered how she and her grandmother went out into the yard to feed the ants. From those early years, Bonya remained in the habit of feeding the birds wherever possible, even being in the company of her billionaire.


Alex Smurfit was embarrassed to sit with Bonya in restaurants

After parting with Smurfit, Bonya lived in London, Los Angeles, and then returned to Moscow. At the same time, the model does not stop actively attending social events, for example, the Cannes Festival, as well as traveling the world. In January this year Victoria's account with a million followers disappeared from Instagram. The collapse of the page coincided with Victoria's departure to the Peruvian jungle. Fans of the star began to make assumptions, one more terrible than the other, that a misfortune happened to the model in territories teeming with cannibals. However, soon Bonya herself contacted the account of her friend Hofit Golan, laughing at the speculation about her being eaten by savages. In the end, in the end, even if something happened to her, it would not affect the blocking of the account. It was all about technical problems and Victoria's desire to take a break from social networks. 


Victoria Bonya and Hofit Golan at London Fashion Week

By the way, the model was dissatisfied with her weight for a long time. Unlike most insta-divs, her figure seemed to her not too fat, but, on the contrary, thin. Bonya lamented that with an increase of under 1.7 m, she weighs only 51.5 kilograms. Victoria's fans have repeatedly sympathized with her thinness and wanted to quickly gain a couple of kilograms. And now the hopes of the fans came true. On Instagram, the star posted a photo from the gym with a triumphant comment: "I've put on weight." However, she did not name her new weight, inviting fans to guess the coveted figure in exchange for gifts.


Victoria Bonya was delighted to increase her weight



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