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Alex Smurfit wanted Victoria Bonya to pay him alimony


The TV presenter told how much she spends on living in Monaco, and at whose expense she lives

Victoria Bonya and Alex Smurfit separated four years ago. Photo: Instagram.

Victoria Bonya broke up with the heir to the Irish billionaire Alex Smurfit four years ago. Former common-law spouses are raising 9-year-old daughter Angelina-Letizia. The 41-year-old TV presenter tried to settle in London, but then decided to move to Monaco, where her ex-husband lives, so that her daughter could see her father more often. In Monte Carlo, Bonya rents a spacious apartment with a large terrace and views of the Mediterranean Sea. Many are sure that Bonya lives in Monaco at the expense of Alex and his wealthy family. However, Victoria assures that this is not the case.

In an interview on the Premier platform, Bonya said that she spends about two million rubles a month on living in Monaco.

- Of course, living in Monaco is not cheap. It is expensive. If you count in rubles, the minimum expenses for an apartment, a nanny, and food are about two million rubles a month. And I earn this money myself, - said Bonya. - When we parted ways with my ex-husband, he said: “I can pay you for the apartment for the first six months. Then you will have to rent a house yourself. You will have to pay all the bills yourself. I will only pay the nanny for my daughter. " And from the moment we separated, I live completely on my own money.

Bonya hinted that recently the financial affairs of her ex-spouse have fallen into complete decline. Alex practically stopped helping them with money.

- Since last year, he stopped paying the nanny. That is, the person does not help at all. I sometimes call him, I say: I want to buy Angelina winter clothes, they are quite expensive, let's split the bill in half. He agrees. He pays all the classes in which Angelina is engaged with teachers. It's all. We travel, live, buy food, nanny - I pay for everything myself, - says Victoria. 


Although their marriage was not officially registered, Bonya has the right to file for alimony. But this is not profitable for her, because then she will have to support her ex-husband

- When he removed the nanny, I decided to tell him that I would file for alimony. Then he said: "If you file for alimony, then maybe you will have to pay me money, because you earn more than me." That is, in fact, I can still pay alimony to a man. This is how European laws are arranged, - Bonya said with a laugh.

Throughout their life together, Victoria and Alex divided the costs in half. Victoria then worked on Russian television and constantly wandered between France and Russia. She could not quit her job - her husband could not support her. They even paid for childbirth in a European clinic in half, because Alex could not pay the full amount himself. Angelina-Letizia was born in a private clinic, and the maternity hospital billed the spouses with 14 thousand euros.

“When we lived together and rented a house, we paid for it in half,” the model recalls. - I had a car, and when Angelina and I moved to London, Alexander never gave it back to me. He said: if you want this car, buy it from me. Once he uttered this phrase in a restaurant: "Please do not order the most expensive dish." This, again, is the peculiarity of the mentality.


Victoria and Alex lived together for seven years. Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Although Alex is the son of wealthy Irish businessman Michael Smurfit, owner of the world's largest craft packaging corporation, he has no access to his family fortune.

- The fact that Alex has a rich dad does not mean that he has access to all of his father's money. Alexander is good because he is independent, he opens businesses, he does not beg from his father, as many other sons of rich parents do. Therefore, no one supports me, - emphasized Bonya.

Alex's financial affairs have probably fallen into disrepair lately due to health problems. Smurfit has been battling Lyme disease for nearly three years. He became very emaciated, doctors could not diagnose him correctly and prescribe effective treatment for a long time. Fortunately, Alex is feeling better now.

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