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Victoria Bonya attended the 35th anniversary of Alex Smurfit in Cannes

The model was among those invited to a luxury holiday in Cannes

Victoria Bonya lived with Alex Smurfit for seven years. In 2017, the model broke up with the father of her daughter Angelina Letizia, managing to maintain a good relationship. Now the heir to the Irish billionaire invites the former to his birthdays.

Victoria Bonya showed off a luxurious outfit that she chose on the occasion of the 35th birthday of Alex Smurfit. The star of House-2 was among those invited to a party in Cannes.

To show herself in all her glory, Vika staged an fashion show before leaving the house. "There is reason to dress up. Alex is 35 years old today, and I believe that such a date should be noted," the model said.


The 40-year-old model wears a long black dress with a deep neckline and a high slit. She complemented the chic look with sandals encrusted with stones.

Recall that Victoria Bonya met the heir to the Irish billionaire (Alex's father owns a large company for the production of cardboard packaging) in 2010. Many were waiting for the wedding, however, in 2017, the TV star announced a break with Smeurfit.

The model has no hard feelings about the ex-husband. When their only daughter, Angelina Letizia, was born, she paid for her birth on a par with her boyfriend. "At the beginning of our relationship, I earned much more than he did, so we, as a young family, all divided 50 to 50. We lived, rented an apartment - all in half," the TV presenter said.

In addition, there was a period when the beloved was ashamed of Bonya. The fact is that she loves to feed birds in restaurants she visited with her boyfriend. The son of an Irish billionaire was annoyed by this behavior of the chosen one. “We were arguing with Alex because I always fed the birds for dinner or lunch. He said:“ I’m ashamed of you to sit in the restaurant when you feed the birds. ”I replied:“ Why should you be ashamed? Interesting! Birds also want to eat. And imagine, if you were a hungry bird, flew to someone’s table, and there would be some people sitting there and no one would feed you, "the instagram diva summed up. 


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