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Alex Smurfit settled Victoria Bonya in a servant house

TV star Victoria Bonya was in Russia at the initial stage of the coronavirus pandemic, but then decided to go to France. At that time, the situation with coronavirus in Russia was quite stable, and France was one of the epicenters of the pandemic, but it did not stop Victoria.

As Vika later admitted, she went to Monaco, to her former lover Alex Smurfit, the father of her daughter. At that time, Victoria's daughter was just visiting her dad, and therefore Vika flew to Smurfit. Victoria still remains in Monaco, and it is from there that she makes all her resonant publications on Instagram and conducts resonant live broadcasts on the theme of coronavirus. It is curious that Vika lives in the estate of a ex-husband in rather modest conditions. This is not to say that Smurfit is a poor man, on the contrary, he is the heir to his father's multi-billion dollar empire, and lives in a luxurious estate.

But, as the editors of the telegram channel "NeMalakhov" noted, Alex settled Vika in a house for servants. Apparently, journalists came to such conclusions, having analyzed the situation in the background in Victoria's publications.

Victoria Bonya, 40, is stuck in Monaco due to quarantine.

The star of "House-2" is forced to live in a servant's house, reports "Express-newspaper". Victoria Bonya arrived in Monaco about a month ago to visit her daughter Angelina, who was visiting her father. However, because of the burgeoning epidemic of coronavirus, the instagram star had to remain in the kingdom.

Currently, Victoria Bonya lives in a small house designed for servants, located on the territory of the luxurious estate of her ex-lover Alex Smurfit, the source said. According to media reports, the star of House-2 was not allowed into the master's house, but was allowed to live on the estate - as a result, Victoria Bonya was sheltered by Filipino sisters who work for Alex Smurfit’s family.

According to the Express newspaper, Victoria Bonya did not record videos of her physical exercises on the green lawn at all in her villa, as some might have thought, but from the aforementioned house of the servant. On the eve of Ksenia Sobchak laughed at the "stupidity of some vloggers", reacting to the fascination of Victoria Bonei conspiracy theories. The latter then recorded a five-minute video message to the wife of Konstantin Bogomolov, posting it on Instagram. “I’ve watched the news on all news feeds - Sobchak called me a fool and a dumb blogger. I don’t understand why so much energy was spent on a dumb blogger from Dom-2?

After all, so much energy was spent when I had not yet moved from Moscow to Monaco when Sobchak’s phone was stolen and it turned out that bullying and bullying was ordered by her, how she ordered the news, how she offered me to her friends ... Well, we won’t talk about it, ”said Bonya. According to Victoria Bonya, Ksenia Sobchak blocked her, however, apparently, she “runs from the left pages” and watches her. “Otherwise, I would not come to my stylists with my photos and did not ask them to make the same image,” said the star of “House-2”.


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