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The mother of Sergey Lazarev's children: who is she?




Sergey Lazarev is the most enviable bachelor of our show business, although he is raising two children alone. But paparazzi follow him and often catch him in the company of men. Because of this, he is constantly romatically linked with men, and it was even said that Sergei married his close friend Dmitry Kuznetsov, who is the godfather of his son.


Sergey and Dmitry Kuznetsov

In 2015, photographs of Sergey with a small child began to appear on the Internet, but Lazarev did not answer questions from fans. When it was no longer possible to hide, Sergey introduced his two-year-old son Nikita and talked about his birth. Fans noticed that the boy with blue eyes is not very similar to Sergei, only the cut of Nikita's eyes is very similar to his father's. Journalists immediately began to look for information about the mother of the child and they succeeded.


Sergey and his son Nikita

In September 2019, Sergey admitted to Lera Kudryavtseva's program that he has a daughter who is already a year old. Little Anna is very similar to Nikita, she is also blond with blue eyes. Lazarev admitted that the children were born from different surrogate mothers, but they have one biological mother.


Sergei with his daughter Anna

Curious fans of the singer still managed to find out who is the biological mother. She turned out to be Lazarev's friend Anna Belodedova. The photographs show that Sergei's children are very similar to Anna. Little is known about her, she is 33 years old, she was born in Moscow. The girl is not married and prefers to hide her personal life.



Sergey and Anna

Having looked at the girl's social network, we can say that they have been friends with Lazarev since childhood, congratulate each other on the holidays. Also, a Moscow realtor said that Lazarev and Belodedova bought a large apartment in Moscow at the time when their daughter was born ... Perhaps it was no coincidence that Lazarev called his daughter Anna.


The singer himself does not comment on this situation and prefers to hide the details of his personal life.

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