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Sergey Lazarev and Philip Kirkorov were accused in gay propaganda on the Russian "First Channel"

According to well-known Russian lawyer, two men can not give flowers to each other and cuddle even in performances on the stage.

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin accused Sergey Lazarev and Philip Kirkorov in gay propaganda on the "First Channel"

Well-known Russian lawyer Sergei Zhorin accused the popular Russian singers Sergey Lazarev and Philip Kirkorov in the promotion of same-sex relationships, plunging artists in another scandal on the basis of a homosexuality.

Singers Lazarev and Kirkorov were members of the show "Property of the Republic" at one of the federal channels. The last issue was devoted to creative work of Philip Kirkorov. During the show Sergey Lazarev performed the song "My only one", then he gave Kirkorov a bouquet of flowers and the audience saw them... hugging.

It has caused a discontent of human rights defender Zhorin, who shared some thoughts with his subscribers on Twitter and Instagram.

"I am tolerant to all sorts of deviations. Although all of us have already been persuaded that it is okay".

Moreover, the lawyer worried that a child, who sees one man giving flowers to another, takes it as a standard of conduct in the future. At the end Zhorin recommended to respect the Russian laws banning homosexual propaganda.

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