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Ex-boyfriend of Sergey Lazarev: rent boy turned janitor

Sergey Lazarev was invited to talk on the radio "Alla". The conversation was interesting - about the "Fidget", "Smash!!", Eurovision song contest. When talking about his personal life, radio host Alla Pugacheva revealed, perhaps, the main Sergey’s intimate secret.

Alla said the following:

- You do not need to hurry to get married. You need a friend, a life partner, because all these sex relationship come and go, but you have to try for the birth of a child... But, in principle, you need a partner not for that sake. I know that you have a friend, assistant Misha, and I congratulate you on the fact that he is very fond of you and helps ... 

The story of relations between Lazarev and Michael Dvoretskiy was revealed by "Express Gazeta" in the article "The Soloist of «Smash !!» lives with crazy butler» (№48, 2004).

Lazarev and Dvoretskiy were inseparable 

Lazarev and Dvoretskiy were inseparable 

We have found out that young people lived in a Moscow apartment on the Theodor Poletaev street. And Michael is a fairly well-known person among the capital's gay circle. Allegedly he even worked as a rent boy: customers affectionately nicknamed him «Palm».

When Lazarev desired to go solo, Dvoretskiy became his director. But over time, Sergey stopped showing up with Michael in public. The newspapers were full of pictures of him in the arms of women - his partner on "Dancing on Ice" Nastya Grebenkina, Lera Kudryavtseva and TV presenters Ksenia Sobchak.

Two years ago, Michael Dvoretskiy said to "Express Gazeta":

- I have nothing to do with Sergey Lazarev anymore. What I am doing now? I work as a janitor.


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