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Boyfriend of Sergey Lazarev: who is he?

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• A well-known Russian singer Sergey Lazarev struggles to conceal the truth about his sexual preferences, since when the fatal discovery of his little secret took place.

• It was easy to find a real boyfriend of Sergey Lazarev, you should have just subscribe to both guys on Instagram, take all the little details and put them together like a puzzle: New boyfriend of Sergey Lazarev - General director of «Sky Jet» 30-year-old Dmitry Kuznetsov.

• When their relationship was known only to close friends, and Dima was not familiar with the family of Sergey, he could afford to post their joint selfie on closed instagram. (Photo from their January holiday in the United States in the winter of 2014. The photo was removed almost immediately after publication. Apparently Dima wanted to share his happiness and Sergey had to straighten him out.)

Despite the fact that the guys have a lot of friends, including the best, they spend their holidays just together. Just prefer to hide their affair.

• In January 2015 the guys were resting together in Miami, and then continued in the Bahamas. Dima photographed Sergey at breakfast during their joint vacation, but the guys have not noticed a shadow from Dima's hat. However, subscribers on Instagram noticed this slip. According to the "accidental circumstances" both guys were in the Bahamas in January.

• Walk on Miami Beach: decided to make photos for instagram. The usual thing: First Dima photographs Sergey at the beach, and then Sergey takes picture of Dima. There are many tourists from Russia in Miami, and there were witnesses who saw the boys together. Yes - yes, now you know who is doing all these photos of your favorite artist on his Instagram.

• The next some Miami break shots. Dima in a striped T-shirt and denim shorts, which were reflected in Sergey’s glasses. That is the biggest bar and male silhouette on the seat beside him.




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