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Sergei Sosedov encourages Sergey Lazarev to make a coming-out


The well-known music critic Sergei Sosedov in his interview with "EG" encouraged representetives of a Russian show business who keep on denying they're gay to make a coming-out. Among the homosexuals known to him he named singers of different genres and generations - Sergey Lazarev, Valery Leontiev, Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov.

"Of course, nobody have been a witness", - thinks Sergei Sosedov, an openly gay himself, - but, as they say, these things usually stand out, don't they? ...". "The gay singers are embarrassed to come out of the closet," thinks Sosedov, "they invent all sorts of stories about their romances with women." "... This is because of the fear of losing the attention of most of the fans." The usual complex. "You imagine, they, such beautiful, dressed up, successful, rich, have complexes!" In fact, there is nothing except subjective perception of this ill-fated topic ", - believes Sosedov.

Recall, Sergei Sosedov snatched all screen time in 2007 and 2008 after his participation in the jury of the show NTV "You are a superstar." The critic was known for his striking emotionality in conjunction with unsurpassed musical taste and frank speaking. At the same time he had to face both homophobic remarks made by the singer Alexander Medvedev (Shura), and the dislike expressed, for example, by Julius Gusman, and numerous ambiguous jokes addressed to him. 

According to the journalist, Lazarev has specially invented a story about his paternity, in order to stop the spread of rumors discrediting his image.

As Ruposters Life wrote earlier, the popular Russian singer Sergei Lazarev has a secret son - Nikita, that has been carefully hidden by the the singer for more than two years. Paparazzi recently caught the artist along with the boy at one of the Moscow churches. However, the well-known journalist Sergei Sosedov, who does not hide his unconventional sexual orientation, doubts that this boy is actually the son of Lazarev.

"I think that this boy is not even his son, I think if Lazarev really became a father, we would have learned about it immediately, once the child was born, and not two and a half years after," - said the journalist.

The critic accused Sergei Lazarev that he thus tries to hide his sexual orientation: "Most likely, he invented this story, like the affair with Lera Kudryavtseva, to hide his sexual orientation. But I do not believe him. It will be better to tell honestly it like it is, and present his new boyfriend than selling us a con job", - shared his thoughts journalist Sergey Sosedov.

It was also reported that the boyfriend of Lazarev is the head of Sky Jet company, 30-year-old businessman Dmitry Kuznetsov. There were pictures in which the singer is seen together with his boyfriend, dressed in a snow-white t-shirt.

"More than half of the show business representatives are gay, but 80% of the audience are women, so Russian stars are forced to please viewers, to invent some children from test tubes, weddings, meetings and divorces, to play a ladies 'men, lovers, womanizers". 

"Everyone pretends to be something they're not ... "- said Sosedov in a recent interview with the project" Days.Ru "and added:" ... The Russian celebrities are afraid that coming out will negatively affect their image and, as a consequence, their fees. And now there is a struggle for every spectator, for every spectator's ruble".

Such a situation, says Sosedov, is due to the high level of homophobia in society. "... We have a homophobic country, non-traditional orientation is not welcomed," - said Sosedov and cited as an example "aggressive programs" on the "Russia" TV channel.

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