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Dimash Kudaibergen left his wife for a new girlfriend?




© Instagram / kudaibergenov.dimash

About a year ago, when Dimash Kudaibergen became one of the brightest figures of modern musical culture, only the lazy did not discuss the musician's personal life. Then the Kazakh singer hid his girlfriend from the public, but persistent fans still managed to find out something about his chosen one.

Then the fans were sure that the singer's heart belonged to a girl named Nursaule. Despite her attempts to hide from a wide audience, Dimash's fans still found several photos of the girl and their joint pictures online.


Since then, they hardly talked about Dimash's personal life, and most of the musician's followers even decided that he and his beloved were married. But more recently, a picture of a mysterious stranger appeared on the singer's Instagram, which excited the minds of Dimash's followers.

In the photo, the girl and Dimash were sitting in a dark room, but unlike the musician, the girl had a golden mask on her face, which gave her image a mystery.

"Have a nice day, everyone. I really want to please you. Be patient a little ", - the musician signed the photo no less mysteriously.


The opinions of fans about who exactly this mysterious stranger is were divided: some decided that the girl would take part in the musician's next video, while others said with confidence that this is his new lover.

If Dimash really found a new girlfriend, where did Nursaule go and what destroyed their relationship? The answer to this question still remains a mystery for the musician's followers..






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