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A mysterious stranger appeared next to Dimash Kudaibergen: who is she?




A popular singer from Kazakhstan, Dimash Kudaibergen, appeared with an unfamiliar girl in the photo: fans did not guess who it was for a long time.

The famous singer Dimash Kudaibergen was spotted in October with a stranger: he posted a photo on Instagram posing with a mysterious girl in a mask.


The fans wondered for a long time what kind of mysterious stranger was next to their idol. Maybe it's his girlfriend? 

However, with the release of the new video, the riddle was almost solved. In the music video, which was released on January 31, a young couple hack into the headquarters of a disreputable organization and hack into its accounts. In the music video Dimash and his girlfriend are chased. The girl is kidnapped, and, of course, the main character saves her. The girl in the video is that mysterious stranger. Most recently, Dimash posted another photo with her on his profile.


The title role in the music video was played by the model Azhar Kunbolat. It is not known whether they are connected only by professional relations. Dimash Kudaibergen avoids the topic of his personal life in an interview, although he was married in absentia a long time ago.


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