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Dimash Kudaibergen will forbid his girlfriend to be alone: ​​“I will be jealous of her”




On October 1, Dimash Kudaibergenov was recognized as the most handsome man in Asia. And what is surprising: such an enviable young man does not have a girlfriend. Many beauties from all over the world are trying to win Dimash's attention. However, the artist is very selective. He has several points and conditions for his future bride.

Dimash said that he dreams of a big family, so his girlfriend must be ready that it will not always be easy for her to retire. Moreover, the artist forbids the future wife to live separately from her parents, as she will be jealous of her.

“My future wife will definitely live with my parents, with my grandparents. With my brothers. I want to live in a big family so that all my relatives are always there. I won’t be able to live with my wife separately, then I’ll be jealous of her, ” said the singer.

Whether his girls are lucky or not is a purely personal opinion of everyone. Someone is ready to live without the opportunity for personal space, while someone considers this a concentration camp. In any case, girls from different parts of the world continue to write to the artist. Who else can boast of such a number of fans as the Kazakh singer. By the way, Dimash does not hide the fact that fans have a chance to win his heart.

“ Yes, my heart is free. Fans, count on me to the end , ” the artist once said.






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