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Dimash Kudaibergen answered a question about his personal life



During the interview, the musician answered questions about his personal life, his fears and where his home is. ... The well-known Kazakhstani performer Dimash Kudaibergen gave an interview to the general director of the MUZ-TV channel Arman Davletyarov, in which he answered personal questions.

About Dimash's personal life

Answering a question about his personal life, the usually secretive Dimash Kudaibergen once again stressed that personal life should remain personal.

- Why are you hiding your personal life? Why don't you want to talk about it? Davletyarov asked.

- I do not know. The soul is so calmer. I am still single, - answered Dimash.

- Is your heart free? Can fans hope? - asked the head of MUZ-TV.

- Yes, they can hope until the very last, - the Kazakhstani answered jokingly.

Dimash about fear

The head of the TV channel asked Kudaibergen if he still experiences the fear that accompanied him at the beginning of his career.

"Yes. Not the fear that now I am afloat and after years I may be forgotten, not about this fear. And there is a fear that I might disappoint them. I try to please my parents, my friends. I am afraid of the moment when parents will be disappointed. It's very scary, ”Dimash replied.

Where is Dimash's home

"Where is your home today?" - asked Arman Davletyarov.

“Most of the time I try to be at home, but I go on tour for a month, then another in another country, I stay there.

And in a month I can fly to another country, live there, ”said Kudaibergen. At the same time, the singer added that his home is the home of his parents, it is there that he feels comfortable.

“I feel comfortable with my parents. Wherever you are, even America, even Africa. The most important thing is to be close to relatives, to feel comfort, warmth, ”added the audience's favorite.

How does Dimash Kudaibergen's day go?

The usual working days of a world famous performer always pass in different ways, he said.

“It happens that we sit in the studio from evening to lunch the next day. We sleep for about four to five hours. Then, as soon as we wake up, back to the studio. We gather with the boys and do magic there, we dream of a good future, ”said Dimash.

The recording studios in which the singer works are located in Beijing, as well as in Russia and France.

At the end of the interview, Dimash Kudaibergen admitted that he was satisfied with life and would not change anything in it. Today the artist's life and his touring schedule are planned for many years ahead.






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