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The bride of Dimash Kudaibergen answered the fans of the musician


Ever since Dimash Kudaibergen 's fans found his alleged girlfriend's social media accounts, Nursaule Aubakirova 's life has turned into a real hell. Crazy fans of the musician literally attacked the poor girl with messages. Many of them were filled with bile and malice, and some even threatened Nursaule.


In the end, the girl had to delete some accounts and create new ones, which Nursaule immediately closed from prying eyes. Now neither she, nor Dimash, nor their friends and relatives comment on their relationship in any way and do not give interviews to curious journalists about this.

But some time ago, Dimash's alleged girlfriend was still answering questions from fans on True, even there her answers were extremely ambiguous. On the one hand, the girl philosophically answered questions about love, relationships and meeting her parents . On the other hand, when someone asked Nursaule if she had a boyfriend, she clearly answered no .


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