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Private island, villa for a million: Yulia Baranovskaya is on holidays in the Maldives


TV presenter does not save on vacation

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya never skimps on vacation. Several times a year, a mother of many children, together with three children from Andrei Arshavin, goes on a trip. This time, the star family chose a private island in the Maldives.


baranovskaya_tv For a week ... 147256 Likes 801 comments Julia Baranovskaya, together with the heirs Artemia, Arseny and Yana, flew to the Indian Ocean. The star settled on a private island in the Maldives. The TV presenter together with the children from Andrei Arshavin is resting in a villa for 150 thousand rubles a day. All in all, a celebrity will give a million rubles just for living. And this is not to mention the numerous entertainment that is not included in the price.


Yulia said that they came to the island for a week, but not for the first time . Baranovskaya settled in the very villa where she had previously rested. "Ten years ago, we were in this hotel with Artem and Yana. We are remembered, and this is always nice. The plans include sharks, turtles and sea devils," the star shared in her blog, posting a beach photo with her youngest son Arseny. The boy is eight years old.


The happy family had time to visit an unusual underwater excursion with turtles. In the frame, Julia appeared in a black mini bikini. Julia was completely delighted with what she saw. “Two hours of absolute happiness. Me, children, the ocean and very hospitable sea turtles. They did not swim away from us, did not hide, gave the opportunity to observe them and examine them to the smallest detail,” she shared her impressions.


A few hours ago, the TV presenter and her offspring visited an unusual villa, part of which is under water . Transparent walls allow you to see the marine life of the ocean from the comfort of your bed. "A huge white villa was built right in the ocean, and its highlight is a bedroom under water. You lie in bed, and fish swim around you. There are also glass walls in the dressing room and bathroom, so you can watch the underwater inhabitants all the time," said the star ...

By the way, the mother of many children took a suitcase of outfits with her. Each time she appears in a new image. "You can always choose active or passive rest. If you suddenly get bored in silence, you can walk on the bridge or move to a buggy ... For us, the very thing, we move back and forth several times a day from one island to another. there is also a restaurant under water, the first in the Maldives, "the star boasted.

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