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"I thought - I'll get drunk": Yulia Baranovskaya was afraid of alcohol after breaking up with Arshavin


35-year-old Yulia Baranovskaya told how she survived the betrayal of 39-year-old Andrei Arshavin. The TV presenter was so bad that she literally did not find a place for herself.

Almost ten years ago, Julia and the football player broke up after 9 years of civil marriage. The athlete left the girl alone in London when she was pregnant with her third child. Now Baranovskaya alone is raising 15-year-old Artyom, 12-year-old Yana and eight-year-old Arseny. She was able to pull herself together and start living from scratch after breaking up with her beloved.

Julia built a successful career in television, and devotes all her free time to children, since after Arshavin's betrayal, she did not marry again. The screen star still shudders to recall the drama she experienced when she was left alone with her children. “It was a tragedy for me. I was even afraid of alcohol in a panic. I was afraid to take a sip, because I thought I’d get drunk, ”Baranovskaya said frankly.


Julia Baranovskaya with children, 

She tried for a long time to forgive her former lover, but realized that all her feelings for him had dried up only after the wedding of Andrei and Alisa Kazmina. This happened in 2016. “It was not a shock for me, I should have burst into tears, but no. Sometimes I think how it was possible to kill myself, not to think about health, ”- the star of the First Channel wonders.

Julia does not hide that she would like to get married and become a mother again. At the same time, various men have repeatedly proposed to her, but so far she has not met a worthy candidate for the role of a life partner. “Women are not mistaken, they just do not want to see reality, they start to invent. So I get to know each other and understand exactly who is sitting in front of me. Then I start talking to myself, asking: "Do you like the person?" Then I understand whether I want this person or not, whether I want to have a relationship with him, ”Baranovskaya admitted on the air of the show on Arman Davletyarov's YouTube channel. 


Julia Baranovskaya and Andrei Arshavin have been suing for alimony for a long time. The marriage of lovers was not officially registered, but in the end, the TV personality achieved justice in court. After the divorce from Alisa Kazmina, the footballer also refused to help their common daughter.

Recently, the amount of alimony for Baranovskaya's children was reduced in court. Julia frankly told how Andrei deceived her. The athlete did not even want to help his son with a football career.

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