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Alex Sparrow is dating the former civil wife of Andrey Arshavin Julia Baranovskaya?

Gentle embrace of "bachelor" Alex Sparrow and ex-wife of ex-captain of the Russian national team Andrey Arshavin.

The couple looked like a pair of young turtle-doves, and it became clear that they aren't just friends.

At the "Heat" festival Julia Baranowskaya "hang out" with the 28-year-old artist.

After the scandalous separation of famous footballer Andrey Arshavin from his civilian wife, the mother of three children, career of Julia Baranovskaya got better and better.

Baranovskaya’s talents has been appreciated by TV producers, who invited her to lead the show "Male and Female", where ex-wife of Arshavin tries to settle family problems of spectators and celebrities.

Meanwhile, Arshavin’s fans wonder, who she's with. Is such a pretty lady alone?

As it turned out at the international music festival "Heat", which was held in sunny Baku, Baranowskaya never lack followers.

Baranovskaya walked a red carpet alone. But during a concert 31-year-old mother of three children received the attentions of 28-year-old actor, director and star of the project "The Bachelor" Alex Sparrow. The couple looked like a pair of young turtle-doves, and it became clear that they aren't just friends.


However Baranovskaya was seen in company with many famous men. For example, last year she went out with actor Andrei Chadov, but in an interview Julia said that it was just a speculation of the press.

- Chadov is a good friend of mine – said Julia Baranowskaya. - I'm not having an affair with Andrei. We just hang out, big group of us, had a good time. And then we decided to make a joke, published a joint photo on social networks. Then everybody thought that we had an affair.

I remember how I and my ex-husband laughed when articles on cheating appeared in the press. I can tell you that Andrey was not cheating on me. We had a very happy family. And I hope very much that common sense will prevail and Andrey will be a loving father to his children.

Who knows, maybe the 28-year-old "bachelor" Alex Sparrow will eventually become a support for the mother of three children of the famous football player.

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