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Victoria Daineko: "I avoid Alex Sparrow"


The romance of Victoria and Alex was full of stormy scenes of parting and reconciliation. However, the stars could not make a strong couple, despite the fact that they have much in common. Today, ex-lovers work on joint projects and often perform on the same stage.

Victoria Daineko, 32, and Alex Sparrow, 31, do not really refuse to work together, because they parted as good friends. But with all this, the artists still prefer to keep their distance. Victoria admits that it is easier for her to be at a distance from her ex-lover, as she is still too tender for him. Daineko recalls that after creating a song and a video about their romance, she had a hard time, because she relived her own love story.

“I avoid communication with Alexey not because I treat him badly. No, rather, on the contrary, in some places I treat him too well to maintain a friendly line of communication, ”the singer shares.


Victoria and Alex rarely communicate now.

By the way, Victoria notes that she never considered it right to cling to a relationship that has outlived its usefulness. According to the artist, you need to be able to let go and believe that the next love will be brighter and richer than the previous one.

“You always have to choose the good guys! It is clear that we are all wrong, but today I can say that I am on good terms with all of my exes. There is no offense or understatement, ”assures Daineko.



Earlier, the singer said that their parting with Alex took place without unnecessary clarifications and proceedings. “We met several times and did not remember why we parted. They dispersed, again not understanding why this happened. Everything remained inside. We are creative people, and we need to sing about something. If we had at least once talked and put everything on the shelves - what would we sing about? ”- admitted Victoria.

Victoria became a mother four years ago. Note that now the singer has pushed her personal life into the background and is actively pursuing her career. Daineko realizes herself not only in music, but also in acting, and also takes part in the scoring of the animated film "Trolls".  “I was waiting for her with great impatience. I am absolutely sincerely in love with my heroine, and now, as a mother, working on such a project is a real thrill! Seeing her daughter's reaction, how she likes it all, is incomparable and irreplaceable, ”the artist says in an interview with Photo: Legion-Media, Instagram


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