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Alex Sparrow's girlfriend revealed her pregnancy


Alex Sparrow has always been a very love man, he's been constantly romantically linked with famous women. But his affairs were not long and ended quickly, mainly due to Alex's windy nature. Even at the show "The Bachelor" Alex could not decide and choose one of the many girls. Lately, Alex Sparrow has been leading a closed lifestyle and is trying to hide his personal life from annoying journalists. But the media still found out who took the handsome man's  heart.

Alex on the show "Bachelor"


Alexey was born on January 19, 1988 in the beautiful city of Tula. His family was large, his parents did not live richly, but happily. His father worked as a security chief, and mother was a housewife and took care of children. His brother and sister played music, and little Lyosha loved football more. Over time, he realized that he had talent and began to sing, at the age of 12 he took part in a music competition and won a prize.


Alex as a child with his family

After graduating from school, he entered a music college, where he studied to be an accordionist. Realizing that he could not achieve great success in his hometown, he left for Moscow. Alex immediately went through the casting in the show "The Secret of Success", where he took third place, and his career began.


For several years, journalists have suspected that there was an affair between Alex and the famous doctor Natalya Zubareva, but there were no comments from them.


Lovers are constantly seen together on vacation and from a photo from a social network you can guess that the guys spend their free time in Moscow together too.


Alex and Natalya Zubareva

Natalia is three years older than Alex, she was married and has two children. It was for the sake of Alex that she left her husband, they say that the lovers have already got married in Los Vegas. Natalia and Alex have the same dog, Corgi breed.

Natalya's social network attracted 3.5 million people, and the other day Natalya posted a photo in which she is pregnant. Followers immediately began to congratulate the girl on the good news and did not forget about the child's father, but so far Alex Sparrow has not commented on this situation in any way.





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