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Alex Sparrow left his child? The singer's mother captured with a baby in her arms


Rumors appeared on the Web that the artist was hiding his child.

Fans of Alex Sparrow lively discuss his marital status. Last fall, a rumor got into the media that the singer had secretly married. Six months later, they began to write that he had a son, whom he carefully hides from the public. Since the journalists could not find any confirmation of this, the rumors about Sparrow's secret child began to subside. But recently, the singer's fans have found circumstantial evidence that an addition has really happened in the artist's family.

Wedding in Las Vegas

The fact that Alex is no longer a bachelor was written in the press in September 2020. Then it was reported that he allegedly married a practicing physician Natalya Zubareva. This news came as a complete surprise to the public, because the artist classified his relationship with her. They said that before the couple decided to get married, they had a long friendship. According to rumors, the romance began after Zubareva divorced her husband and the father of her two children.

Already in December, the singer's "wife" announced her pregnancy. She did not share the details of her pregnancy and who is the future dad of the baby. In the last days of February, Natalya gave birth to a son, whom she named Leo. The girl posted footage from the hospital on the Web, but none of them has a man next to her. “It was difficult, but we did it,” said the young mother.

Photo of the singer's mother

Recently, the singer's fans came across pictures of the singer's mother with a small child. Pictures of Nadezhda Nikolaevna with a small child were posted on the Web. In one shot, she is holding a baby wrapped in a diaper in her arms.


Photo: @ na_ni_grandma / instagram

In another shot, Nadezhda Nikolaevna is walking in nature with a fashionable stroller. From the description of the picture, it becomes clear that there is a boy in it.


Photo: @ na_ni_grandma / instagram

“He is still very small, but he holds my heart tightly in his hands”, - written on the Instagram page, which, apparently, is maintained by Alex Sparrow's mother herself.

It is curious that the recently given birth Zubareva has exactly the same stroller. Moreover, Natalia leaves comments on the very account where the photos of the singer's mother appeared.

These shots suggest that Nadezhda Nikolaevna is posing in pictures with her grandson. Alex at this time lives in the States and does not appear in the company of Zubareva. Fans are worried: has the artist really left his child and his mother and grandmother are now engaged in raising him?

It is worth noting here that Alex has not confirmed the fact of marriage in any interview. Moreover, to a direct question about whether he had a wife, he said that he was alone. He then urged the public to stop believing everything that is written about his life in the media.

“I have no wife and no girlfriend. Stop believing everything you've seen on news sites. " - said Alex.

It was not possible to obtain comments from the singer on the topic of attributed paternity. Nevertheless, he used to say that he dreams of becoming a father and having many children. 

Alex himself grew up in a large family, so he knows what he is talking about. “I don’t know how and when - it’s pointless to plan such things. I just feel that it will soon appear in my life. I have been ready for this for a long time, ”Alex Sparrow said in an interview a couple of years ago..



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