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New love? Alex Sparrow posted a photo with a new girlfriend

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow (29) is one of the most enviable grooms of the Russian show business. A couple of years ago, he tried to find love on "The Bachelor" project, but in the final behaved unexpectedly chosing ... nobody .

Alexei Vorobyov

Alex Sparrow

A year later, the singer found new love, but he was again unlucky. According to Alex, he experienced betrayal. This he told his followers on Instagram, writing:

"Sitting in a chair in a plane and thinking ... I flew 13 hours, spent in Moscow  just 18 hours after getting out of the plane and taking the seat on the new flight, where I now will spend over 13 hours. And you know what? It was worth it ... Now I know for sure that there are no miracles. Flew to spend with my girlfriendat least a few hours and leaving single... The moral of the story is: If you want to surprise someone and fly across the ocean - don't come without informing in advance", - said Alex.

Fans immediately began to wonder what happened and who was responsible for such a depressing mood of Alex.

Alex posted photos with the very same girl (but hiding her face) with the caption: "This for all the moralists who have decided it is not necessary to expose LIFE" on the show. "THIS IS MY LIFE AND MY INSTAGRAM. So with all due respect, go to hell WITH THIS SH **". This topic was discussed by Alex himself for a long time, he even wrote a song about betrayal and made music video.

Then he had allegedly been having an affair with Anna Flavia Gavlak, who starred in his video and played traitor, but Alex soon clarified the situation: "" Many ask questions about @ANAGAVLAK who starred in the #YAPROSTOHOCHUPRIEHAT music video. So, we dated in 2015, parted as friends and did not talk for almost 2 years. Anya does not have a boyfriend right now, and we communicate very well, talk on the phone, and share news about all the emotions. She told me, incidentally, that I have the best fans in the world, the most kind and lovely people. "

Alex Sparrow and Anna Flavia Gavlak

Alex Sparrow and Anna Flavia Gavlak

And now, it seems, Alex has found a new love. He posted the photo on his Instagram with a mysterious blonde with the caption: "My," adding a heart emoji. 

A stranger whose face is not visible and the name of which he did not name, Alex kisses on the cheek. Alex's followers immediately began to wonder who this girl is, and many agreed that it might be Nastia Kudri. Unfortunately, soon Alex disabled comments, thus denying fans a chance to guess the name of his chosen one.

Alex Sparrow

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