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The new lover of Alex Sparrow's ex-girlfriend Polina Maximova


Polina Maximova was repeatedly suspected of having a relationship with Alex Sparrow, but the heart of the blonde turned out to be occupied by another man. Today it became known that the actress is having an affair with the producer of the promotional production of TNT, 28-year-old Artyom Chugunov.

29-year-old Polina Maximova literally became famous after she performed the role of Lelya in the TV series “Deffchonki” in 2013, and the other day the new season of the project started, which turned out to be another wave of popularity for the actress.

Despite the interest of fans, the blonde manages to skillfully hide the details of her personal life. Until recently, admirers of creativity of Polina suspected only that the TV star has a romantic relationship with Alex Sparrow, but the rumors were far from the truth. In fact, Maximova’s heart is occupied by a 28-year-old promo-producer of TNT TV channel Artem Chugunov.

Artem posted joint photos with Polina with the caption: “I thought what caption to add to the photo and came up with it. This is love”.

Artem and Polina do not comment on the status of their relationship // Photo: Instagram

The journalists managed to find out that Chugunov often spends time with Maximova, and also visits cafes and restaurants with her. 

The actress, on the contrary, tried to divert the attention of fans to the relationship with Alex Sparrow, in the clips of which appeared three times. “Alex and I have known each other for six years, so now I don’t even remember how he seemed to me. We are good friends. I have great respect for Alex, for what he is doing. I enjoy working with him, acting in his videos that people like. How did he seem to me? Good, beautiful, talented, just wonderful. Was there a spark between us? Of course! We do not have a spark, we have fireworks and salutes, ”said Polina in an interview with StarHit.

Polina has close friendship with Alex Sparrow. // Photo: Instagram

She also said that there was an unpleasant experience, after which she was determined not to advertise the relationship. A few years ago, Polina was so in love that she actively shared the details of her personal life. When her chosen one betrayed, the actress had a very hard time, so now nobody guesses her affairs.

The portal does not say when exactly Maximova’s relationship with the producer began, but apparently, the lovers are serious, and now they are trying to spend every free minute together. The personal life of the blonde from “Deffachki” interests the Web users much more than the release date of the new sitcom season.

The 29-year-old actress was not accustomed to devoting fans to the details of her love relationships, so they themselves have to speculate. So, Polina was long attributed to a romance with a colleague on the set Alex Sparrow. However, the artists explained to journalists that only screen characters could be in love.

Alex and Polina Maximova, photo: social networks

SUPER found out that the last 2 months Polina dates Artem Chugunov, a producer of the TNT promo department. According to sources from the inner circle of the actress, Artem often comes to Polina to her rented apartment in the area of ​​Kutuzovsky Prospect.


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