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Ring on the ring finger: Polina Maksimova and her boyfriend sparked wedding rumors


Egor Koreshkov and Polina Maksimova

We learned that Polina Maksimova (31) is dating Egor Koreshkov (34) in mid-November 2019. Then the actors first appeared together at the Harper's Bazaar event.


Egor Koreshkov and Polina Maksimova

The actors do not particularly publisize their relationship, but it is known for certain that the romance of Polina and Egor began on the set of the series "257 reasons to live".


Now they have sparked rumors of a secret wedding: the thing is that today the actress posted a video on Instagram - on it, a couple in love went to meet the dawn in a balloon. The attention of fans was attracted not so much by the original date of Maximova and Koreshkov, as by the gold rings on their ring fingers (well, very similar to wedding rings!).

But still it's too early to congratulate the couple, we are waiting for official statements!


Egor Koreshkov Polina Maksimova


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