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The new Polina Maximova's boyfriend Egor Koreshkov: "We met on the set"

Egor Koreshkov and Polina Maksimova: "We met on the set"

DJ set from Yegor Koreshkov, dancing with glasses without leaving home, communication of the audience with the stars via a telegram channel - this is how the presentation of the new project of the START video service took place. The international premiere of the dramedy "257 Reasons to Live" was supposed to take place at the Canneseries festival, but the show on the Cote d'Azur was postponed to October due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. The creators of the series decided to throw a French party online. The leading actor in the series is Egor Koreshkov. It was on the set of this project that Yegor and Polina began a relationship.

We first encountered Polina [Maksimova] on the set. Her acting is so poignant and detailed that she cannot but inspire. On the set, in her presence, there was always a thrill, and we felt the importance of the topic that we raise in the series, - Egor Koreshkov shared his impressions. - Dreams give us energy for accomplishment, serve as motivation for exploits in the name of loved ones and ourselves. You have to dream. And then dreams will begin to come true. And you will find at least 257 reasons to live. I found them, just as I found my love!

We do not hide anything, but we do not demonstrate either. Egor and I met on the set of "257 Reasons to Live", I did not think, did not wonder, but somehow it happened ... At the time of the meeting, I was in harmony with myself. I was not in search and had already come to terms with my loneliness, - admitted Polina Maksimova. - People from the same environment understand each other better - no need to make excuses for the night shift (smiles). We are always interested and never bored together.

Producer of the project Diana Tevosova, actors Julia Topolnitskaya, Daria Rudenok, Asya Gromova, Polina Maksimova, Anna Nevskaya, Maxim Lagashkin, Sergey Godin Our project is about how you just need to live, love life and appreciate every minute. And sometimes not to be afraid to start all over again, - said the general producer of the project Vitaly Shlyappo.


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