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Polina Maksimova on the romance with Alex Sparrow: "There was a spark between us"


The actress, remembered by the TNT viewers on the TV series "Deffchonki", talked about her relationship with Alex Sparrow, and also explained why she was in no hurry to get married. According to Polina Maksimova, success in the film industry is in the first place for her now.

On August 13, the TNT channel will start a new season of the "Deffchonki" series. Polina Maksimova, who played Lelya, shared with StarHit how she manages to get along with colleagues on the site, and also frankly talked about why she hides her personal life.

How will your heroine change in the new season of the TV series "Deffchonki" on TNT?

Polina Maximova She will retain her former positive, enthusiasm in life, a spark in her eyes, efficiency, dedication, she will play tricks a lot, of course, but then everything will return to normal.

You communicate a lot with Alex Sparrow and even starred in his videos. The musician is the dream of millions of girls. How did he seem to you? Was there a spark between you?

Polina Maximova Alex and I have known each other for 6 years, so now I don't even remember how he seemed to me. We are good friends. I have great respect for Lesha, for what he does. I work with him with pleasure, I star in his videos that people like. How did he seem to me? Kind, beautiful, talented, just wonderful. Was there a spark between us? Sure! We didn't have a spark, we had fireworks and salutes.


Polina Maksimova and Alex Sparrow Photo: Instagram

Working on the series with Galina Bob and Anastasia Denisova, did you manage to find a common language? Did you get tired of your colleagues in the shop? Have there been conflicts?

Polina Maximova We have disputes about how best to play this or that scene, this is a creative process. That's how it is with us. Due to the number of filming, I did not have time to enjoy communicating with them and was very bored. In life, we do not always manage to meet as often as we would like.

Do you have features like the heroine Lelya?

Polina Maximova Lilya is light, but not frivolous. She is the most loyal person: both in friendship and in relationships with men. By the way, Lelya had only two guys. She is a wise woman, so she allows everyone to be, as it were, smarter than herself.

How do men relate to your on-screen image? Were there any obscene offers from them? 

Polina Maximova Surprisingly, no. Lelya is a woman many would dream of. If I were a man, I would like to meet this. My heroine is so well-groomed, bright, beautiful, wise and kind that she will adorn any man. But there are those who are afraid and think that I am some kind of fool and similar to the image of my heroine, but it does not frighten me, but amuses me.


Polina Maksimova does not consider her heroine too windy Polina Maksimova does not consider her heroine too windy Photo: Press Service

You hide the personal carefully. Why?

Polina Maximova I had a sad experience in my life - love that I wanted to shout to the whole world. She even confessed her feelings on social networks, and then it all ended. And so I now prefer not to advertise the relationship.

Are you dreaming of a high-profile wedding or do you think that at your age you should focus on your career and start a family early? 

Polina Maximova All ages are submissive to love, and everything has its time. When it should be in my life, then it will happen. I really don't expect anything, I just live, rejoice and thank God for what I have. I have learned to accept what is happening to me, I do not have any cliché beliefs. I understand that, probably, in the perception of the older generation there is some kind of framework, what, when and at what time should happen. But the modern world is now such that for the first time they get married at forty and feel great. At the same time, they manage to give birth to children, and to build a career, and so on.

What's the most unexpected surprise your fans have ever given you? 

Polina Maximova They sent me a kilogram of black caviar from Vladivostok! It was very unexpected! In general, I am wary of gifts, because I do not understand what will be sent to me, but it was nice.


Polina is in no hurry to get married Polina is in no hurry to get married Photo: Instagram

What kind of man should you agree to marry? 

Polina Maximova He should be “mine”, kind, caring, understanding my profession, purposeful. It is important for me that he, too, is busy with business, and not only drowns and dissolves in me. In a couple, everyone should have their own interests - this is the value of a harmonious relationship when you are together, but at the same time you do not feel infringed upon in your personal inner freedom. A man should trust me, not be jealous of my employment, my images, because it so happened that my images are blonde, I play women in short dresses, with a neckline, etc. You need to understand that this is just my profession.

Many people have actively discussed changing your hairstyle when you cut your hair. Was this decision related to work in a new film project or did you just want to change dramatically? 

Polina Maximova I do not make any changes in appearance just like that. This was done for Kirill Pletnev's film Without Me. Quite a tricky decision. Many people love me for my look with long thick hair and curls. I didn’t regret it for a second and I’m even very glad, because after a radical change of my image, I began to receive offers with serious roles, and this is very great. For me, as an actress, this is a very important step.

What helps you stay so slim? Are there any foods you can't refuse? 

Polina Maximova I absolutely love dumplings, chicken wings, burgers! Everything is harmful. But I'm not sweet. I manage to stay in shape only because I have high energy costs, I spend more calories than I consume. Of course, I try to eat right, because the actress should have well-groomed and beautiful skin, hair, nails. I try my best to go to the gym. But this is not always regular. If I see that I am overweight, I “tame” myself and can sit on buckwheat or broccoli.

How do your parents feel about your work? Have you been discouraged from going to the acting department? 

Polina Maximova Dissuaded. Because the acting profession is a lottery, and it is impossible to guess whether you will pull out the winning ticket or not. Of course, every parent wants to see their child happy. It is not customary in our family to praise. The highest praise from my parents after watching a film with my participation - they calmly, sedately, smile and say: "It's not a shame." This is the highest praise!

Did mom and dad make high demands on you?

Polina Maximova We have an overstated standard in the family. And you need to set high goals for yourself so that the average ones can be easily overcome. And this is very correct. I also have this last name, Maksimova, and I need everything to the maximum. If I do something, I do it in full, to the fullest with 200% connection. I just can't do it any other way. Parents usually support me in all my decisions, they are next to me, trust my inner instinct. I was never put in a frame or limited in anything. They accept my choice, what I do. And their love is the main support.

You starred nude for a men's magazine. Was it difficult to agree to such an experiment? How did your relatives react to such a frank photo shoot? 

Polina Maximova At that time I was 23 years old. I believe that at such a young age it is not a shame to show your body. It is an honor to be on the cover of such a famous publication. I am okay with candid photo sessions, this is professional shooting with a professional team, everything is done aesthetically. I did not doubt the correctness. My parents were okay with this. I'm not sure if I would repeat this experience now or not. Probably not. But then again: never say never. I am not ashamed, and I would not want to go back and change everything. All in good time, I decided so at that moment. I don’t regret anything.

How do you see yourself in a couple of years? What do you want to implement?

Polina Maximova I would like to work a lot in worthy projects that will change something in the audience, turn it over. There is a desire to go to present a painting in Cannes, to attend international festivals with worthy works. My dream is to be always successful and in demand in my profession and happy in my personal life.


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