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Alla Pugacheva rented a luxury villa in Jurmala worth 15 million euros


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It is rumored that Alla Pugacheva will come to the Riga seaside this summer for a vacation. Villa "Marta", where Alla Borisovna will live, was built in 1928.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin again plan to bring their twins Harry and Lisa to Jurmala. They will settle in the same villa that they rented last year.

Last summer, Pugacheva and Galkin chose to live in Jurmala luxury villa "Marta". It is located near the house of Laima Vaikule. And even if Alla Borisovna does not appear on the stage of "Dzintari", then she will certainly visit Laima Vaikule.

The villa includes several buildings - a two-story mansion, a spa complex, a tennis court, a garage and a security room. There are four separate rooms, a cinema, a library, a kitchen, a dining room and a winter garden in the main house. The house is for sale. Its cost is 15 million euros. Well, there are yet no buyers, the villa is rented by wealthy summer residents.

For ordinary guests the cost of residence is 100 thousand euros per month. But since the owner of the villa is a friend of All Pugacheva, the star couple gets a good discount.

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