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Maxim Galkin showed a picture painted by his daughter Liza


The girl depicted a tree, imitating Leonardo da Vinci.

45-year-old Maxim Galkin often talks about his children and shares their achievements. The TV presenter on the Instagram posts photos of the twins and videos with them. Today Galkin boasted of a picture painted by 8-year-old Liza . According to the daughter of Maxim and Alla Pugacheva , she imitated the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci . Maxim Galkin boasted a picture painted by his daughter Lisa

Maxim Galkin filmed the expectation of dinner with the children. At this time, Liza showed a picture that she herself painted. The girl depicted a tree, a road and birds in black on a sheet. “I painted it according to the laws of Leonardo da Vinci. The main thing is to draw lines, and then make them thicker, ”said the schoolgirl.

The TV presenter doubted that his daughter's drawing was made according to the laws of the great artist. His question did not go unanswered: “No, this is mine (regularity. - Approx. ed. ). But Leonardo da Vinci also painted such pictures. 8-year-old Harry laughed at his sister, but his attack quickly cooled Maxim. “Yeah, come on, try to do that too! So far, only I, Lisa and Leonardo can do this, ”the star father answered his son.


Drawing by Liza Galkina

We add that in early January, Galkin talked about the daily routine of the twins and about the features of their upbringing. The TV presenter admitted that Lisa and Harry spend most of their time at school. The children of famous parents return home in the evening, so they try not to burden them with additional classes and reading outside the educational institution. According to Galkin, the twins need to leave time for rest and play. Maxim also added that it is the Primadonna who is mostly involved in the upbringing of Lisa and Harry, and the humorist acts as a dad-friend.

Lisa and Harry Galkin appeared in the family of famous parents on September 18, 2013. Alla Borisovna said that the surrogate mother carried the twins, but the blood of the Primadonna and her husband flows into them. Even 12 years before the birth of the babies, Alla Borisovna took care of the future and froze her eggs, which she told Maxim only after the wedding.


Harry and Lisa Galkin

From early childhood, the twins were surrounded by care and love. Their upbringing was carried out not only by parents, but also by qualified nannies. Particular attention was paid to the study of foreign languages: a tutor who graduated from the Sorbonne worked with the kids. In addition, the children attended a private kindergarten with a French bias.

Now Lisa and Harry already go to school, education in an elite gymnasium is quite expensive for parents. The educational institution has an equipped tennis court, a swimming pool and an observatory. The children of Pugacheva and Galkin demonstrate success in creativity and education. The twins recently demonstrated their ability to speak English.

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