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The castle of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva: how much does it cost?


Many stars of Russian show business earn several million rubles a month from their work. Some spend their royalties on expensive things, others on luxurious vacations in exotic places, and still others build a cozy nest for their family. Moreover, celebrities can compete with each other on the cost of housing. However, one star couple overtook their colleagues, having received the status of owners of the most expensive mansion.

And this title was won by Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. According to experts, the huge castle in the village of Gryaz is worth more than $ 10 million. That is how much money a comedian spent on building a dream house. However, the price of a luxury apartment is justified: the mansion has 6 floors, a cinema, a swimming pool, a large garage, and a gigantic backyard area. Moreover, the house is adorned with custom-made figures of mythical creatures. According to sources, the maintenance of the castle costs the creative couple $ 8,000.

By the way, Philip Kirkorov once invested 12 million in his house, but given a number of arguments, his apartments are still cheaper than the Prima Donna's castle..


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