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Alla Pugacheva has moved to Jurmala at a villa costing 15 million euros

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67-year-old singer and her children Lisa and Harry for the summer settled at a villa on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Alla Pugacheva has left the castle in the village near Moscow to spend the summer holidays with the children away from the bustle of the capital. This summer the singer chose not Israel, where her family had a rest the last few years, but Latvia. Pugacheva will spend the entire summer at the most luxurious villas in the Jurmala resort.

The 15 million euros residence, located not far from "Dzintari" concert hall, where every summer "New Wave" festival was held, has become a home for Pugacheva, three-year, Harry and Lisa, and their father Maxim Galkin. However, due to the fact that the spouse of diva is busy filming and being with tours, she arrived at the Riga Station alone. Alla Borisovna was accompanied by close friend businesswoman Alina Redel and babysitting of Lisa and Harry.

As we found out, the area of the Latvian villa, which Russian singer is renting for the summer, of 2387 square meters and the adjacent land - 10 152 square meters. The rent of villa is a few tens of thousands of euros per month. The residence has a two-story house and several other houses, private spa complex with several types of baths and saunas, two pools, a cinema, a gallery of paintings and a private tennis court. Pugacheva and her family will rest at the cozy windowless (the light sun streams through the ceiling) cottages with Scandinavian planning. Thus the singer hopes to hide her family away from prying eyes.

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