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Victoria Bonya boasted an apartment in Monaco with a descent to the sea


Bonya decided to show off her housing, which she acquired in Monaco.

The ex-participant of "House-2" finally moved to the principality of Monaco, which is rightfully considered one of the most luxurious places in Europe. She moved here from the UK after easing the isolation regime - in Foggy Albion she lived with the millionaire Alex Smurfit, with whom they had a long relationship, and from whom Bonya gave birth to a daughter. In Monaco, Victoria has found herself a luxury apartment located by the sea.

The terrace (its area is about 120 square meters) of her house offers a stunning view of the Cote d'Azur and mountains. But the most pleasant bonus in the location of the apartment is walking distance from the beach. To swim in the sea, a star only needs a couple of steps: “In summer you can sunbathe here - there are sun loungers. You go down like in a castle, a minute and you are already on the beach, ”Bonya noted.


Victoria boasted photos of the interior decoration of the apartment with followers. They noted that the interior of Bonya's home is made in light colors. Instadiva's house has a huge, luxuriously furnished kitchen, as well as a separate room for filming. And she promised to show the rest of her home in other publications.


It is worth noting that Bonya's home, which she never ceases to show off on Instagram, has already been robbed twice. In the fall, unknown persons broke into the model's apartment and took out a significant part of the jewelry. Bonya herself did not talk about what had happened, but the local media found out about the incident.

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