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Scandal with Victoria Bonya and Samburskaya: what we know?


The scandal with Bonya and Samburskaya is being discussed on the Web. 

The ex-participant of Dom-2 could not stand the trolling by Nastasya Samburskaya.

41-year-old Victoria Bonya rebuked Nastasya Samburskaya, who wrote a parody on her. The Univer star hinted that Bonya's face became static because of the beauty injections. The ex-participant of "House-2" proved the opposite, and even put Samburskaya in her place with harsh definitions.

“It feels like they lifted the lid over the boiler, and all the devils got out from there. If I speak, I speak the truth - honestly, directly, not to offend, but to tell the truth. But I noticed that when they speak about me, they always pursue the goal of insulting me in some way, maybe even making fun of me, - complained Bonya. - I just came across a video of one actress who shows me without facial expressions. Although I use them! "

In confirmation of her words, the star wrinkled her forehead, wrinkled her mouth, frowned, and so on. But she advised Samburskaya to "work on herself." According to Bonya, true actresses always change their facial expressions while working on a new role. This does not apply to Nastasya, whom Victoria called "an actress from TV series."

In addition, Bonya classified her opponent as the most unsightly type of women.

“There are women - flowers ... There are those who cannot be flowers, but who work on themselves, like me. And there is a type of women - chmoshnits. They look like a douche, talk like douche and so on, ”said the blogger, with a clear hint of Samburskaya.

In conclusion, she added that a person who is not able to control his facial expressions cannot be called an actress. And "if you can turn off your facial expressions, thanks to the fact that you control it, and others think that you are getting beauty injections, then you are working on yourself."


Followers expressed sympathy for the offended woman and reminded that this is not the first scandalous trick of Samburskaya in recent years. Not so long ago, Nastya supported the scandalous statement of Regina Todorenko, who accused victims of domestic violence of cruel treatment with them.

“So, I’m telling you that when a man hits you, no matter who he is to you, it’s p____, which has no excuse! And when you take out a person's brain from day to day, for weeks and years, and in the end they gave you the maximum on the head, this is not violence! " - said the actress.

Bonya, too, has already managed to make fun of Daria Zoteeva, quarrel with Yuri Stoyanov, Alena Shishkova's appearance and cling to Ksenia Borodina because of her peculiar beliefs about the coronavirus pandemic..


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