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Evgeni Malkin's luxurious mansion in America. He was able to buy a house next door to Crosby for only $1.5 million


Evgeni Malkin moved to the United States in 2006 and at first felt very uncomfortable in the new country. He found himself alone tens of thousands of kilometers from his native Magnitogorsk, where his family remained. For more than two years, the young Pittsburgh star lived with teammate Sergei Gonchar.

“When Zhenya came to Pittsburgh, Sergei became like a dad to him. I bow to him. The son said many times: if it were not for Gonchar, it is not known whether he would have stayed in the NHL or not. He helped in everything. And as a translator, and in general in life. Taught him a lot. He is a very good person, there are few of them , ”said Evgeny's father, Vladimir Malkin. 

Then Malkin, having adapted, decided to buy his own home. In 2008, Eugene chose the small town of Sewickly, 12 miles west northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River. In this elite suburb of Pittsburgh with a population of less than four thousand people have settled the owner and legend of the "Penguins" Mario Lemieux, as well as team captain Sidney Crosby. A Russian star lives next door to them.


Malkin also bought a small house for his parents, according to Sewickli residents. For himself, he chose a luxurious mansion for $ 1.5 million. The hockey player's house is made of red brick and stands next to a forest, in which deer, chipmunks and skunks roam freely. The building is not fenced on all sides by high capital fences, but is located in an open space. There is a place on the territory where you can go in for sports, take a walk and have a barbecue.


There is even a video on YouTube with the interiors of the mansion, which coincide with photos from social networks of Evgeny and his wife Anna Kasterova. The house is large: two floors, an attic, a kitchen with a bar, an office, a dining room, a home theater and many bedrooms and bathrooms. Not without a special room with all the hockey player's awards; his sweater hangs on the wall in a frame.


In 2010, there was information that the hockey player decided to sell the house for $ 2.195 million. However, as we see in the photos on Instagram last summer, Eugene still lives there. The facade of the house in the photo and in the video, the description of which says about the sale, is identical.


In the summer, in the courtyard of his mansion, Malkin goes in for sports: plays basketball, runs. And in winter, under the tree, together with his son Nikita and wife Anna, she sculpts snowmen. The Malkins also have housing in Miami and Moscow, but due to the long season in the NHL, Evgeny spends most of his time in Pittsburgh.



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