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Anna Kasterova opens up about Malkin and life in the US



2017 has turned out successful for Evgeni Malkin. One of the best players of the world for the third time in his career won the Stanley Cup, becoming the playoffs top scorer.

His beautiful wife - known TV presenter Anna Kasterova opens up about reasults of the year. Anna and Evgeni had been dating for more than two years, after which, in June 2016, got married. But shortly before the couple had a son, Nikita.

SON's favorite toy - a small hockey stick

- Are you ready to come back to Russian TV?

- There were a lot of proposals for projects on other channels. So, of course, I miss TV. But I'm in America, next to my small child and husband, they always need the support. 

- What are your options in Pittsburgh?

- My English on a good level, but I have a really thick accent.

- And in Russian?

- There have been suggestions to work on the subjects of the NHL. But Zhenya and I divided family and work, so our agreements are observed up to now, and even when my close colleagues asking for his comments, I recommend them to build communication via his agent.

- What projects are you involved?

- I am involved in a large-scale advertising project for a large financial services company - will soon become their "ambassador." Periodically there are some surveys and interviews. Zhenya quite spoiled by the attention, after all, he won the Stanley Cup. The other side of the coin - the tension in our home during the decisive games of the season. At such times, he needs support, and my attention was completely focused on him. Oh and on son, of course ( laughs ).

- Nikita is a year and a half. If he inherited genes of stellar hockey player and the well-known sports presenter?

- You will not believe, but the son's favorite toy - a small stick. He can mess around with it all day long. Is it genes? I do not know ( smiling ).

After HUSBAND's victory I cook for him lucky DISH

- How you feel during Malkin's playoffs?

- Differently. It is clear that we are always very worried and experiencing. You remember that in the first half of the season-2015/16 "Pittsburgh" did not get into the playoffs. And here is a miracle! You turn and you participate in it. We have some tradition even with regard to food, because all athletes are superstitious. Winning, they observe in minute detail everything that preceded success.

- Will you open at least one secret?

- Completely can not. But I will say that I cook a particular dish after each victory in the series. You see, it turns out lucky and helps us. Perhaps someday I reveal the secret and even give a recipe. This year - I do not know how the situation will develop. The guys have a very tough schedule - a large number of paired games, besides a lot of players left "Pittsburgh" .

But, remembering the season-2015/16, you know what a miracle is always possible. There are strong teams such as "Washington" with iconic players such as Alexander Ovechkin - they are ahead of the rest during the regular season, but then something is missing in the Stanley Cup. A "Pittsburgh" is woven on the verge of eights and then wins the trophy. All very predictable, and luck is also important.

Back in 2016, after the dismissal of the previous coach Mike Sullivan gave a chance to young boys from the AHL. At first it upset me, because it's difficult for the guys without experience to produce a ticket to the playoffs. But it turned out the powerful  challenge for them. The coaching staff still manages somehow to competently and correctly keep the boys motivated, as well as put pressure on them. In fact, after two Stanley Cups, many guys calm down, but Sullivan and Sergei Gonchar make me feel good about their future.

- By the way, Sergei Gonchar became an assistant coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins last summer. How did that make him feel?

- He found the approach to all the guys. He started to work only with the defenders, and had good results. We are very pleased that he is in the team, Gonchar - a close friend of our family. Together we celebrated Thanksgiving Day.

Live in Pittsburgh? I will not ever get used to many things.

- Remember, how you moved to Pittsburgh?

- I moved to Pittsurgh with Evgeni and got pregnant. We lived together. My husband was traveling, and I was alone, without work, expecting a child. It was hard, but my husband was very supportive.

- You communicate with friends and family mainly via the internet?

- Yes. Our house is in the woods, and we are conducting a lonely way of life. Our house receives the presence of just close friends. We remain cautious with regard to new acquaintances. I think you understand what I mean.

- Of course. What was most difficult for you in America?

- Probably the most important thing - to stay around and work. After I got used to the frantic pace of Moscow. This is my city. Although Pittsburgh rather big and developed, but still feel like in a big village. You are surrounded by other people and quieter movement.

- How did you become accustomed to the local speed?

- And I still find it hard, and I do not hide it. I was not used to and never get used to many things and traditions. For example, "Baby Shower" - a very strange when a pregnant mother is congratulated with unborn child. Incidentally, after giving birth, I began to drive safer, but still nervous. Local travel at the speed of 20 miles per hour in a large stream and absolutely do not care that people can be late. All this can only be taken for granted. We're just different.

- Strongly miss Russian capital?

- It is now much easier to bear this separation, but I have begun to adapt - a lot of time is devoted to husband and child. Of course, missing relatives - mother, brother, grandmother.

- Is it possible to get out to Russia?

- In July, we are on holidays on the islands or in Miami, then fly to Moscow for 2 - 3 months. Hopefully I will be able to get home after the New Year.

- Before leaving for the training camp, "Penguins' Evgeni launched his own clothing line. You inspired husband?

- It was not my idea, but I've been told him to do something interesting. Many of the surrounding offer him to realize their ideas. The talented designer has created a good collection, which I generally liked. I not really agree with the Privacy Policy. But hope that things will go.

- What are your future plans?

- It's hard to predict anything, when you're married to a hockey player. Now he is - a top player of "Pittsburgh" with long-term contract. But sport is unpredictable - exchanges occur, different relationships are formed with the coaches. At one time, I wanted to open a kindergarten in Pennsylvania for a large Russian community. But it is difficult to rely solely on Russian children, because the Americans are brought up in a different way - they have a lot of their rights. I was talked out of it.

- Did the spouse talk to you about the change of name after marriage? 

- Yes, he wants me to take his name. To be honest, the whole thing in the bureaucratic point - it's difficult to change documents in the United States, as well as in Russia. But after a while we will go through paperwork.



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