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Evgeni Malkin's wife Anna Kasterova: "Everyone knows Zhenya as kind, but at home he is explosive. I am also dangerous"


The Pittsburgh hockey player and his wife visited Dmitry Guberniev, giving a positive interview

Evgeni Malkin with his son and wife Anna Kasterova.

Russian ice hockey star Evgeni Malkin and his wife Anna Kasterova visited Dmitry Guberniev in the program "All for the Match!" The conversation turned out to be quite positive and kind, with a lot of jokes.

- Usually at this time I sleep at home, but here I came to your studio, - the hockey player joked right away. Malkin also talked about his attitude to the fact that Anna Kasterova left with him to the USA:

- It was so fate that I played there, and Anna worked here. I didn't want to return to the KHL. So far so good, and we have a wonderful son.

Anna, in turn, begins to speak:

- He supported me very much. I am grateful to him that he created such a comfortable environment for me ... -

... well, today is Anya's last broadcast - Malkin interrupts her, laughing fervently.

Evgeni Malkin said that he is now in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus - there is still no exact date for the start of the new season.

- We are all waiting. The hardest part is when you stay ignorant. The preparation itself gets confused in such cases, - says the hockey player.

- Do you want to play your entire career in one team in the NHL? - they ask Malkin.

- There is such a desire. This team chose me 16 years ago. This is a business, and in America it can be seen when a star can be changed.

- Are you discussing something at the family gathering? 

- We will discuss it - both at the family gathering and with grandparents. Buying a property? We will discuss. But, of course, the last word will remain with me. 

Anna Kasterova lovingly describes her husband's character:

- I understand how Zhenya is perceived - kind, sympathetic. But at home he is different. In general, he is very explosive. I'm dangerous too.

And soon Malkin jokes again:

- Hey, I didn't understand, did we come to "Let them talk"?

But Anna Kasterova continues to talk about her husband's character:

- When some key events happen, he always does the right thing.

To which Evgeni Malkin says:

- My mood depends on my work.

Dmitry Guberniev shared a secret. He says that he understood when love arose between Kasterova and Malkin - this is when Anna stopped rattling pots in the kitchen. To which the hockey player's wife says:

- It is important for me that he gets enough sleep and feels good. But it seems that I think about him more.

“The key to a good life is for husband to get enough sleep,” - Malkin smiles.

And soon there was talk about the social circle in America, and Evgeni Malkin said that he communicates closely with Sidney Crosby. In this Canadian hockey player, the Russian also sees a good person:

- This is the most modest of all the athletes with whom I spoke.

- That is, if I ask Crosby about Dzyuba, will he just leave and get up? - Guberniev urges. And soon the conversation turned to the latest events related to the football player. Malkin said that Artem needs to be in the team:

- He needs to be in the national team so that he trains and is constantly in shape. I don't want his career to go down after this.

Anna Kasterova, in turn, suggested:

- We cannot say that nothing happened. Athletes must be held accountable for something. We don’t know, what if he talked with his wife then? Dzyuba is a cool guy, and depriving him of the opportunity to play for the national team after such an incident - well, you can't.

Malkin told about the details of his personal life. Anna's first visit to a hockey player's match in Pittsburgh was an event for him:

- When I came for the first time, I wanted to score right away. It was such a "cock" act.

- Two scored! - laughs Kasterova, gesturing two fingers to Guberniev.

And Malkin continues:

- Now I know that they are always in Pittsburgh, sitting in a certain place at the matches. Moreover, unconsciously, when I scored, I immediately saw in the corner of my eye - ha, but they applaud me standing up!

Dmitry Guberniev asks:

- You were sick with a coronavirus? - Yes, I was sick, there were no symptoms, - says Malkin.

- I heard how people got sick after Ovechkin's birthday ... - Dmitry Guberniev continues.

In turn, Evgeny Malkin, who now maintains his form by training in Russia, turned to those people who ask for joint photos:

- Now I train a lot and ask to be photographed ... People, I see, are offended and cannot understand. If someone refused, do not be angry.

But Malkin said bluntly - he still wants to play at the Olympics. But - it is important to match the level:

- At the Olympics you always want to compete. If I understand that I will be ready, and the coaches will see this and will see me in the squad, then I will gladly accept the offer.

However, about the final of his career, the hockey player did not say anything definite, hinting that he could be in Magnitogorsk:

- I thought a lot, and so far - I thought a lot, and I can't say yet. With such events, what is happening in the world - I don't want to guess at all. How will life turn out. And suddenly it turns out the last season to play in “Magnitogorsk” ... then the level must match. If I am a 40-year-old pedestrian, it will not be good.

Evgeni Malkin also told about his new hobby:

- ​​Now he started playing table tennis. We play with the coach for an hour and a half - I just squeeze my jersey, my muscles just hurt. Well this is such an energy-consuming sport, - he describes the details of his training with pleasure.

When it came to the second child, Anna Kasterova said:

- It seems to me that we still have time. If everything happens, it's good, but I would like to do something in terms of my career, - said the hockey player's wife.

After that, Evgeni Malkin warmly confessed his love to his wife throughout the country.


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