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Who is Anna Kasterova: interesting facts, bio, photos, personal life, career

Kasterova Anna Romanovna (born 1984) is a Russian television presenter, journalist.

Childhood and youth

Anya was born on September 21, 1984 in the city of Zelenograd. At the time of her birth, the parents were still very young, Anna's mother did not even have time to graduate and get a diploma. Therefore, the girl was raised by grandmother and grandfather. From the earliest years, they taught the granddaughter to respect traditional values, so one of the first books that Anya met was the children's Bible.

The girl was plump as a child, but she did not notice her excess weight until a certain moment. After all, Anya grew up in an atmosphere of love, parents repeatedly told her that she was beautiful and clever. But one day during the ride on the carousel the boy approached her and said: "Get off the swing, cow!" Since then Anna regularly and carefully controls her weight.

When she was fifteen years old, a younger brother was born. And Anya always wanted to have an older brother, she even envied little girls in the yard, who had older brothers, because this is such protection. But with the birth of her younger brother Anna realized what kind of happiness. Being an adult and famous, tried to be for him "cool sister", spoiled and bought computers, laptops and other fashionable gadgets.

The family was simple and not rich, new things were not bought often. Anya remembers how she wanted a new dress when she fell in love at the age of 15. But now the screen star is catching up: Anna loves shopping. It happens that she buys things, and then never wears it. True, such things in her wardrobe she gives to her friends or takes them to orphanages.

Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova


After graduating from school, Anya enrolled in the Moscow City Pedagogical University, after she finished her studies she received a diploma and a profession "Teacher of Psychology".

Anna was 22 years old when her television career began. In 2006, she joined the editorial board of the popular program "Moscow: Instructions for Use" on the federal channel TNT. The program was dedicated to life in a big city. Kasterova worked in tandem with the leading Vladimir Tishko. For a year of work on this program, Anna had to go to the shooting, appear in the frame, and the girl realized that she wanted to become the TV presenter herself. 

Kasterova moved to one of the channels under the leadership of VGTRK. Here she began as a correspondent. She remembers well her first experience: a guest interview was planned with the wife of former Russian President Naina Yeltsina. All the top correspondents were busy, and the Anna had to do the interview. She was only 23 then, she was still a trainee and worried terribly. But everything went well, and the girl was even thanked for a well-conducted conversation. She still remembers those feelings of the first pride and some victory. Many people around realized that Kastorov was worth something.

Work gave Anna very valuable experience. First, she studied the whole TV "kitchen", looked at how everything is arranged and how people work, gained experience and knowledge. The girl is very stubborn, she was engaged in the production of diction, went through all the television "hazing". And when the casting took place on the place of the leading news programs on the "Russia-2" TV channel, Anya was unanimously elected to this post, she was told: "Be ready, you have a live broadcast in a week".

Kasterova began to lead the program "News. ru "and" News. en. Friday". These two programs made her famous. The block that came out on Friday evening had an unusual pitching style. It dealt with the most discussed Russian and world events over the past week - news of science and technology, the life of celebrities. Already after several first broadcasts and the leadership of the channel, and TV viewers, positive mood and goodwill of the presenter were noted. 

Anna Kasterova

The most difficult was to find a common language with everyone, learn to work in a team, freely interact with people and work for a common result. Over time, Anna did it all, got self-confidence, for which she is infinitely grateful to her viewers, because she constantly felt: she is in demand, she is loved.

In addition to the news programs, Anya was a regular guest of the football talk show "Headbutt", where, with passion, she asked famous athletes about their clubs and owners, wives and children, sports mode and unsportsmanlike rest.

A bright television star attracted the attention of producers of other television channels, she was repeatedly received new work offers. Anya is not the person who stops at the achieved result, she always wanted to achieve the conquest of new peaks.

In the fall of 2012, she received an interesting proposal from NTV and went there for the program "Central Television", where she worked in tandem with the presenter Vadim Takmenev.

According to Anna, this was an offer that can not be refused. And first of all in terms of creativity. After all, in fact, "Central Television" -  was not a program, but a whole evening channel, where various television genres (exclusive reports, concert numbers, interviews with stars, experiments).

An important factor was also a decent salary, because Anya at that time helped her family - parents with a younger brother, a grandmother and grandfather, and on NTV she was offered very good money.

Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova

For four years of work, Anna has developed an excellent relationship with the whole team of the Rossiya-2 and Rossiya-24 channels, starting from the management and finishing with the editors who made the stories for her. Therefore, she took the transition to another channel painfully, but she was lucky: and she joined the new team pretty quickly.

Takmenyov led the main block of "CT. The main thing ", and Kasterova" CT of Revelation "and" CT. Evening ». In 2013, the channel's management decided to postpone the program for Saturday evening and shorten the airtime. Anya returned to the TV channel "Russia", where she became the host of the "Big Sport" program.

Personal life

While working on television, Anna had a romantic relationship with her colleague, Channel One's Timur Solovyov. However, the couple broke up.

With the famous hockey player Evgeni Malkin, Anya was acquainted for a long time, they had a friendly relationship. But at some point the friendship grew into more serious feelings.

Anna liked Evgeni for the fact that, despite his popularity, he was down to earth, he was always responsive to other people's problems and troubles, he tried to help in every possible way. Malkin is a very busy person, but he always finds free time for charity and help to children. He is kind and caring, he has a male power in him, he is calm and confident, very strong-willed and with a great sense of humor. All this fascinated Kasterova, and she fell in love. They were well together, but Anya did not want to rush and the couple for a long time hid their love.

Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova

But there was a problem in their relationship: Evgeni lived and worked in America, he has a long-term contract with the hockey club "Pittsburgh Penguins". Anya did not imagine her life without Russian television. All the season he spent in America, and in the summer he came to Moscow. Several times a year, Anna flew to him across the ocean, but could not decide to give up everything.

But the love was stronger: Anya quitted her job on TV and moved to North America. In the end, the main purpose of her life was not work, but family. She was already very anxious to be a wife and mother, live next to a beloved and loving person, have her big cozy house, and several cats.

In the fall of 2015, Evgeni proposed Anna. But the wedding was postponed, as the couple expected the birth of the first-born. On May 31, 2016, Nikita was born.

Beauty secrets

Anya believes that the beauty of any person depends on his mood. She tries to keep her mood always positive.

Kasterova regularly visits the gym. In a week she has at least three trainings, prefers intense loads - "bodypump", "bodycombat" and boxing. When she is on vacation, she gives herself rest from training, but every morning starts with jogging.

As for food, then Anya does not hide: she loves to eat delicious. She especially likes Italian cuisine: pizza and pasta. She perfectly cookes these dishes herself. But she has to limit herself. The basis of her daily diet consists of dishes cooked for a couple, fish and vegetables. Morning starts with a cup of coffee and a glazed curd. There is Anna's secret in the diet: before every meal she drinks a glass of tomato juice, which gives a feeling of fullness of the stomach.

Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova

Anna's weakness - sweets, all kinds of sweets, donuts, cakes, chocolate. Sometimes she can not fall asleep if she does not eat a couple of "Mishka in the North" sweets. Anya then conscientiously works it out in the gym.

Kasterova is cool about the fact that she is on the list of the most beautiful TV hosts of Russia, she says that it would be more pleasant to be on the list of the smartest. 

Due to the bright appearance of Anna, there were proposals from men's magazines, for example, "Maxim", about explicit photography. Even the magazine "Pro Sports", which is quite unusual for them, asked her to pose in a swimsuit. Kasterova rejects such proposals, because there are a lot of 13-14-year-old girls among her fans who look at Anna. And she does not want to give these girls an excuse to think that success and career growth can be achieved by undressing.

She never tried to invent artificial stories, participate in photo sessions, attract fans by creating gossips.

Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova

Someone from the fans decided that such a beautiful and popular TV presenter can not do without her pages on the Internet and opened an unofficial website of Anna Kasterova. Filled it with photos, video clips from various TV programs. But Anya herself did not take any part in this, moreover, she considers it a stupid idea, she is not interested in it at all and does not need it.

As for communication with the Internet, Anna can not call herself an active blogger. Nevertheless, she has been registered for quite a long time and has her own Facebook page. There is an opportunity to communicate with friends who are currently traveling and are somewhere far abroad. Also, using this social network, Anya stays on top of things,  knows about all the events thanks to the news and entertainment tape.

She has there personal photos, which she would not like to put on public display. Therefore, she does not accept strangers into "friends", only her good acquaintances. Because of this, many fans consider her posh, begin to write mucks and unflattering comments, but Anya learned not to pay attention to it.

In everyday life, Kasterova adheres to a sporty, discreet style in clothes. Favorite makeup - "smokey eyes" with a natural shade of lips. She prefers to spend holidays passively, can lie all day on the beach by the sea, sunbathe and read a book. 



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